Package access is DEPRECATED.



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    func NewClient

    func NewClient(host string, client *http.Client) access.AccessClient

      NewClient returns a new AccessClient which can be used to talk to buildbucket's access API.


      type Action

      type Action uint32

        Action is a kind of RPC that can be ACLed.

        const (
        	// AddBuild: Schedule a build.
        	AddBuild Action = 1 << iota
        	// ViewBuild: Get information about a build.
        	// LeaseBuild: Lease a build for execution. Normally done by build systems.
        	// CancelBuild: Cancel an existing build. Does not require a lease key.
        	// ResetBuild: Unlease and reset state of an existing build. Normally done by admins.
        	// SearchBuilds: Search for builds or get a list of scheduled builds.
        	// ReadACL: View bucket ACLs.
        	// WriteACL: Change bucket ACLs.
        	// DeleteScheduledBuilds: Delete all scheduled builds from a bucket.
        	// AccessBucket: Know about bucket existence and read its info.
        	// PauseBucket: Pause builds for a given bucket.
        	// SetNextNumber: Set the number for the next build in a builder.

        func ParseAction

        func ParseAction(action string) (Action, error)

          ParseAction parses the action name into an.

          func (*Action) MarshalBinary

          func (a *Action) MarshalBinary() ([]byte, error)

            MarshalBinary encodes the Action as bytes.

            func (Action) String

            func (a Action) String() string

              String returns the action name as a string.

              func (*Action) UnmarshalBinary

              func (a *Action) UnmarshalBinary(blob []byte) error

                UnmarshalBinary decodes an Action from bytes.

                type Permissions

                type Permissions map[string]Action

                  Permissions represents a set of permitted actions for a set of buckets.

                  Since Action is encoded as bits, the Action here is actually the bitwise OR of all available Actions for a particular bucket.

                  func BucketPermissions

                  func BucketPermissions(c context.Context, client access.AccessClient, buckets []string) (Permissions, time.Duration, error)

                    BucketPermissions retrieves permitted actions for a set of buckets, for the identity specified in the client. It also returns the duration for which the client is allowed to cache the permissions.

                    func (Permissions) Can

                    func (p Permissions) Can(bucket string, action Action) bool

                      Can checks whether an Action is allowed for a given bucket.

                      func (Permissions) FromProto

                      func (p Permissions) FromProto(resp *access.PermittedActionsResponse) error

                        FromProto populates a Permissions from an access.PermittedActionsResponse.

                        func (Permissions) ToProto

                          ToProto converts a Permissions into a PermittedActionsResponse.

                          type TestClient

                          type TestClient struct {
                          	Error                    error
                          	PermittedActionsRequests []*access.PermittedActionsRequest

                            TestClient implements an access.AccessClient with stubs for use in testing.

                            func (*TestClient) Description

                              Description implements the AccessClient interface.

                              func (*TestClient) PermittedActions

                                PermittedActions implements the AccessClient interface.