Package spantest implements: * start/stop the Cloud Spanner Emulator, * creation/removal of a temporary gcloud config, * creation of a temporary Spanner instance, * creation/destruction of a temporary Spanner database.



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    func SanitizeDBName

    func SanitizeDBName(name string) string

      SanitizeDBName tranforms name to a valid one. If name is already valid, returns it without changes.


      type Emulator

      type Emulator struct {
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

        Emulator is for starting and stopping a Cloud Spanner Emulator process. TODO( Make Emulator an interfact with two implementations (*nativeEmulator and *dockerEmulator).

        func StartEmulator

        func StartEmulator(ctx context.Context) (*Emulator, error)

          StartEmulator starts a Cloud Spanner Emulator instance.

          func (*Emulator) NewInstance

          func (e *Emulator) NewInstance(ctx context.Context, projectName string) (string, error)

            NewInstance creates a temporary instance using Cloud Spanner Emulator.

            func (*Emulator) Stop

            func (e *Emulator) Stop() error

              Stop kills the emulator process and removes the temporary gcloud config directory.

              type TempDB

              type TempDB struct {
              	Name string
              	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                TempDB is a temporary Spanner database.

                func NewTempDB

                func NewTempDB(ctx context.Context, cfg TempDBConfig, e *Emulator) (*TempDB, error)

                  NewTempDB creates a temporary database with a random name. The caller is responsible for calling Drop on the returned TempDB to cleanup resources after usage. Unless it uses Cloud Spanner Emulator, then the database will be dropped when emulator stops.

                  func (*TempDB) Client

                  func (db *TempDB) Client(ctx context.Context) (*spanner.Client, error)

                    Client returns a spanner client connected to the database.

                    func (*TempDB) Drop

                    func (db *TempDB) Drop(ctx context.Context) error

                      Drop deletes the database.

                      type TempDBConfig

                      type TempDBConfig struct {
                      	// InstanceName is the name of Spannner instance where to create the
                      	// temporary database.
                      	// Format: projects/{project}/instances/{instance}.
                      	// Defaults to chromeinfra.TestSpannerInstance.
                      	InstanceName string
                      	// Credentials will be used to authenticate to Spanner.
                      	// If nil, auth.Authenticator with SilentLogin and chrome-infra auth options
                      	// will be used.
                      	// This means that that the user may have to login with luci-auth tool.
                      	Credentials credentials.PerRPCCredentials
                      	// InitScriptPath is a path to a DDL script to initialize the database.
                      	// In lieu of a proper DDL parser, it is parsed using regexes.
                      	// Therefore the script MUST:
                      	//   - Use `#“ and/or `--“ for comments. No block comments.
                      	//   - Separate DDL statements with `;\n`.
                      	// If empty, the database is created with no tables.
                      	InitScriptPath string

                        TempDBConfig specifies how to create a temporary database.