Package monitor contains the code for sending metric data to monitoring endpoints.

    Package monitor contains the code for sending metric data to monitoring endpoints.



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    var (
    	// ProdxmonScopes is the list of oauth2 scopes needed on the http client
    	// given to NewHTTPMonitor.
    	ProdxmonScopes = []string{""}


    func SerializeCells

    func SerializeCells(cells []types.Cell, now time.Time) []*pb.MetricsCollection

      SerializeCells creates a MetricsCollection message from a slice of cells.

      func SerializeDataSet

      func SerializeDataSet(c types.Cell) *pb.MetricsDataSet

        SerializeDataSet creates a new MetricsDataSet without any data, but just with the metric metadata fields populated.

        func SerializeValue

        func SerializeValue(c types.Cell, now time.Time) *pb.MetricsData

          SerializeValue creates a new MetricsData representing this cell's value.


          type Fake

          type Fake struct {
          	CS      int
          	Cells   [][]types.Cell
          	SendErr error

            Fake is a fake Monitor.

            func (*Fake) ChunkSize

            func (m *Fake) ChunkSize() int

              ChunkSize returns the fake value.

              func (*Fake) Close

              func (m *Fake) Close() error

                Close always works.

                func (*Fake) Send

                func (m *Fake) Send(c context.Context, cells []types.Cell) error

                  Send appends the cells to Cells, unless SendErr is set.

                  type Monitor

                  type Monitor interface {
                  	// ChunkSize returns the maximum number of metrics this Monitor can Send in
                  	// one go.  If there are more metrics, they will be broken up into chunks and
                  	// Send will be called multiple times.  A ChunkSize of 0 disables chunking.
                  	ChunkSize() int
                  	Send(ctx context.Context, cells []types.Cell) error
                  	// Close closes any resources held by the monitor.
                  	// Close need not be called at program exit.
                  	Close() error

                    A Monitor can send a collection of metrics somewhere.

                    func NewDebugMonitor

                    func NewDebugMonitor(path string) Monitor

                      NewDebugMonitor returns a Monitor that outputs metrics to a log, and optionally a file on disk.

                      func NewHTTPMonitor

                      func NewHTTPMonitor(ctx context.Context, client *http.Client, endpoint *url.URL) (Monitor, error)

                        NewHTTPMonitor creates a new Monitor object that sends metric to an HTTP (or HTTPS) endpoint. The http client should be authenticated as required.

                        func NewNilMonitor

                        func NewNilMonitor() Monitor

                          NewNilMonitor returns a Monitor that does nothing.