Package memory implements an in-memory sink for the logdog Butler.

    This is meant for absorbing log data during testing of applications which expect a live Butler.



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    type FakeStream

    type FakeStream struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      FakeStream holds the data recorded by a single stream in Output.

      func (*FakeStream) AllData

      func (fs *FakeStream) AllData() []string

        AllData returns all datagrams for this stream.

        If this is a BINARY or TEXT stream, this will always return exactly one string.

        If fs == nil, returns nil.

        func (*FakeStream) LastData

        func (fs *FakeStream) LastData() string

          LastData returns the last datagram for this stream.

          If this is a BINARY or TEXT stream, this returns the stream data.

          If fs == nil, returns "".

          func (*FakeStream) StreamType

          func (fs *FakeStream) StreamType() logpb.StreamType

            StreamType returns the categorization of this stream (TEXT, BINARY, DATAGRAM).

            func (*FakeStream) Tags

            func (fs *FakeStream) Tags() map[string]string

              Tags returns any tags set for this stream.

              type Output

              type Output struct {
              	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                Output implements the butler output.Output interface, but just accumulates the data in memory.

                For simplicity, this only retains a subset of the data transmitted by SendBundle (e.g. no timestamps, indexes, etc.).

                This assumes that SendBundle is called in order.

                func (*Output) Close

                func (o *Output) Close()

                  Close implements output.Output

                  func (*Output) GetStream

                  func (o *Output) GetStream(prefix, stream string) *FakeStream

                    GetStream returns the *FakeStream corresponding to the given prefix and stream name.

                    If no such stream was opened, returns nil.

                    func (*Output) MaxSendBundles

                    func (o *Output) MaxSendBundles() int

                      MaxSendBundles implements output.Output

                      func (*Output) MaxSize

                      func (o *Output) MaxSize() int

                        MaxSize returns a large number instead of 0 because butler has bugs.

                        func (*Output) SendBundle

                        func (o *Output) SendBundle(b *logpb.ButlerLogBundle) error

                          SendBundle implements output.Output

                          func (*Output) Stats

                          func (o *Output) Stats() output.Stats

                            Stats implements output.Output

                            func (*Output) URLConstructionEnv

                            func (o *Output) URLConstructionEnv() bootstrap.Environment

                              URLConstructionEnv implements output.Output

                              Source Files