Package memory implements in-memory Storage structures.

    It is designed for testing, and hasn't been optimized for any productio use.



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    type Cache

    type Cache struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      Cache is an in-memory storage.Cache implementation.

      func (*Cache) Get

      func (c *Cache) Get(ctx context.Context, key storage.CacheKey) ([]byte, bool)

        Get implements storage.Cache.

        func (*Cache) Put

        func (c *Cache) Put(ctx context.Context, key storage.CacheKey, val []byte, exp time.Duration)

          Put implements storage.Cache.

          type Storage

          type Storage struct {
          	// MaxGetCount, if not zero, is the maximum number of records to retrieve from
          	// a single Get request.
          	MaxGetCount int
          	// contains filtered or unexported fields

            Storage is an implementation of the storage.Storage interface that stores data in memory.

            This is intended for testing, and not intended to be performant.

            func (*Storage) Close

            func (s *Storage) Close()

              Close implements storage.Storage.

              func (*Storage) Count

              func (s *Storage) Count(project string, path types.StreamPath) (c int)

                Count returns the number of log records for the given stream.

                func (*Storage) Expunge

                func (s *Storage) Expunge(c context.Context, req storage.ExpungeRequest) error

                  Expunge implements storage.Storage.

                  func (*Storage) Get

                    Get implements storage.Storage.

                    func (*Storage) Put

                    func (s *Storage) Put(c context.Context, req storage.PutRequest) error

                      Put implements storage.Storage.

                      func (*Storage) PutEntries

                      func (s *Storage) PutEntries(ctx context.Context, project string, path types.StreamPath, entries ...*logpb.LogEntry)

                        PutEntries is a convenience method for ingesting logpb.Entry's into this Storage object.

                        func (*Storage) ResetClose

                        func (s *Storage) ResetClose()

                          ResetClose resets the storage instance, allowing it to be used another time. The data stored in this instance is not changed.

                          func (*Storage) SetErr

                          func (s *Storage) SetErr(err error)

                            SetErr sets the storage's error value. If not nil, all operations will fail with this error.

                            func (*Storage) Tail

                            func (s *Storage) Tail(c context.Context, project string, path types.StreamPath) (*storage.Entry, error)

                              Tail implements storage.Storage.

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