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func BuilderHandler

func BuilderHandler(c *router.Context) error

    BuilderHandler renders the builder page. Does not control access directly because this endpoint delegates all access control to Buildbucket with the RPC calls.

    func BuildersRelativeHandler

    func BuildersRelativeHandler(c *router.Context, projectID, group string) error

      BuildersRelativeHandler is responsible for rendering a builders list page according to project. Presently only relative time is handled, i.e. last builds without correlation between builders), and no filtering by group has been implemented.

      The builders list page by relative time is defined in ./appengine/templates/pages/builders_relative_time.html.

      func ConfigsHandler

      func ConfigsHandler(c *router.Context)

        ConfigsHandler renders the page showing the currently loaded set of luci-configs.

        func ConsoleHandler

        func ConsoleHandler(c *router.Context) error

          ConsoleHandler renders the console page.

          func ConsolesHandler

          func ConsolesHandler(c *router.Context, projectID string) error

            ConsolesHandler is responsible for taking a project name and rendering the console list page (defined in ./appengine/templates/pages/builder_groups.html).

            func ErrorHandler

            func ErrorHandler(c *router.Context, err error)

              ErrorHandler renders an error page for the user.

              func GetLimit

              func GetLimit(r *http.Request, def int) int

                GetLimit extracts the "limit", "numbuilds", or "num_builds" http param from the request, or returns def implying no limit was specified.

                func GetReload

                func GetReload(r *http.Request, def int) int

                  GetReload extracts the "reload" http param from the request, or returns def implying no limit was specified.

                  func HandleSwarmingLog

                  func HandleSwarmingLog(c *router.Context) error

                    HandleSwarmingLog renders a step log from a swarming build.

                    func ProjectLinks(c context.Context, project, group string) []ui.LinkGroup

                      ProjectLinks returns the navigation list surrounding a project and optionally group.

                      func Run

                      func Run(templatePath string)

                        Run sets up all the routes and runs the server.

                        func UpdateConfigHandler

                        func UpdateConfigHandler(ctx *router.Context)

                          UpdateConfigHandler is an HTTP handler that handles configuration update requests.


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