Package meta contains some methods for interacting with GAE's metadata APIs. It only contains an implementation for those metadata APIs we've needed so far, but should be extended to support new ones in the case that we use them.

See metadata docs:

Deprecated: this package depends on Cloud Datastore features which on are not available in Firestore-in-Datastore mode (which is the default Cloud Datastore mode for new project).



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func GetEntityGroupVersion

func GetEntityGroupVersion(ctx context.Context, key *ds.Key) (int64, error)

GetEntityGroupVersion returns the entity group version for the entity group containing root. If the entity group doesn't exist, this function will return zero and a nil error.


type EntityGroupMeta

type EntityGroupMeta struct {
	Parent *ds.Key `gae:"$parent"`

	Version int64 `gae:"__version__"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

EntityGroupMeta is the model corresponding to the __entity_group__ model in appengine. You shouldn't need to use this struct directly, but instead should use GetEntityGroupVersion.

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