Package settings contains definition of global CIPD backend settings.



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type Settings

type Settings struct {
	// StorageGSPath is GS path in a form of /bucket/path to the root of the
	// content-addressable storage area in Google Storage.
	// The files will be stored as /storage_gs_path/hash_algo/hex_digest.
	StorageGSPath string

	// TempGSPath is GS path in a form of /bucket/path to the root of the storage
	// area for pending uploads.
	// It contains unverified files uploaded by clients before they pass the
	// hash verification check and copied to the CAS storage area.
	TempGSPath string

Settings contain CIPD backend settings.

func (*Settings) ObjectPath

func (s *Settings) ObjectPath(obj *api.ObjectRef) string

ObjectPath constructs a path to the object in the Google Storage, starting from StorageGSPath root.

func (*Settings) Register

func (s *Settings) Register(f *flag.FlagSet)

Register registers settings as CLI flags.

func (*Settings) Validate

func (s *Settings) Validate() error

Validate validates settings format.

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