Package cli implements command line interface for CIPD client.

Its main exported function is GetApplication(...) that takes a bundle with default parameters and returns a *cli.Application configured with this defaults.

There's also Main(...) that does some additional arguments manipulation. It can be used to build a copy of 'cipd' tool with some defaults tweaked.



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func GetApplication

func GetApplication(params Parameters) *cli.Application

GetApplication returns cli.Application.

It can be used directly by subcommands.Run(...), or nested into another application.

func Main

func Main(params Parameters, args []string) int

Main runs the CIPD CLI.


type Parameters

type Parameters struct {
	// DefaultAuthOptions provide default values for authentication related
	// options (most notably SecretsDir: a directory with token cache).
	DefaultAuthOptions auth.Options

	// ServiceURL is a backend URL to use by default.
	ServiceURL string

Parameters carry default configuration values for a CIPD CLI client.