Package storetest is imported exclusively by tests for Store implementations.



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func RunStoreImplementationTests

func RunStoreImplementationTests(t *testing.T, ctx context.Context, opts TestOptions)

RunStoreImplementationTests runs all the standard tests that all store implementations are expected to pass. When you write a new Store implementation you should ensure you run these tests against it.


type FakeMetric

type FakeMetric struct {

FakeMetric is a fake Metric implementation.

func (*FakeMetric) Info

func (m *FakeMetric) Info() types.MetricInfo

Info implements Metric.Info

func (*FakeMetric) Metadata

func (m *FakeMetric) Metadata() types.MetricMetadata

Metadata implements Metric.Metadata

func (*FakeMetric) SetFixedResetTime

func (m *FakeMetric) SetFixedResetTime(t time.Time)

SetFixedResetTime implements Metric.SetFixedResetTime.

type Store

type Store interface {
	DefaultTarget() types.Target
	SetDefaultTarget(t types.Target)

	Get(c context.Context, m types.Metric, resetTime time.Time, fieldVals []interface{}) interface{}
	Set(c context.Context, m types.Metric, resetTime time.Time, fieldVals []interface{}, value interface{})
	Del(c context.Context, m types.Metric, fieldVals []interface{})
	Incr(c context.Context, m types.Metric, resetTime time.Time, fieldVals []interface{}, delta interface{})

	GetAll(c context.Context) []types.Cell

	Reset(c context.Context, m types.Metric)

Store is a store under test.

It is a copy of store.Store interface to break module dependency cycle.

type TestOptions

type TestOptions struct {
	// Factory creates and returns a new Store implementation.
	Factory func() Store

	// RegistrationFinished is called after all metrics have been registered.
	// Store implementations that need to do expensive initialization (that would
	// otherwise be done in iface.go) can do that here.
	RegistrationFinished func(Store)

	// GetNumRegisteredMetrics returns the number of metrics registered in the
	// store.
	GetNumRegisteredMetrics func(Store) int

TestOptions contains options for RunStoreImplementationTests.

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