Package logging implements a gRPC glog.Logger implementation backed by a Logger.

The logger can be installed by calling Install.



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var Suppress = logging.Level(logging.Error + 1)

Suppress is a sentinel logging level that instructs the logger to suppress all non-fatal logging output. This is NOT a valid logging.Level, and should not be used as such.


func Install

func Install(base logging.Logger, level logging.Level)

Install installs a logger as the gRPC library's logger. The installation is not protected by a mutex, so this must be set somewhere that atomic access is guaranteed.

A special logging level, "Suppress", can be provided to suppress all non-fatal logging output .

gRPC V=level and error terminology translation is as follows: - V=0, ERROR (low verbosity) is logged at logging.ERROR level. - V=1, WARNING (medium verbosity) is logged at logging.WARNING level. - V=2, INFO (high verbosity) is logged at logging.DEBUG level.


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