Package discovery provides an implementation of the cluster discovery that is used by etcd.



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var (
	ErrInvalidURL           = errors.New("discovery: invalid URL")
	ErrBadSizeKey           = errors.New("discovery: size key is bad")
	ErrSizeNotFound         = errors.New("discovery: size key not found")
	ErrTokenNotFound        = errors.New("discovery: token not found")
	ErrDuplicateID          = errors.New("discovery: found duplicate id")
	ErrDuplicateName        = errors.New("discovery: found duplicate name")
	ErrFullCluster          = errors.New("discovery: cluster is full")
	ErrTooManyRetries       = errors.New("discovery: too many retries")
	ErrBadDiscoveryEndpoint = errors.New("discovery: bad discovery endpoint")


func GetCluster

func GetCluster(durl, dproxyurl string) (string, error)

GetCluster will connect to the discovery service at the given url and retrieve a string describing the cluster

func JoinCluster

func JoinCluster(durl, dproxyurl string, id types.ID, config string) (string, error)

JoinCluster will connect to the discovery service at the given url, and register the server represented by the given id and config to the cluster


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