Package rafttest provides functional tests for etcd's raft implementation.



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type InteractionEnv

type InteractionEnv struct {
	Options  *InteractionOpts
	Nodes    []Node
	Messages []pb.Message // in-flight messages

	Output *RedirectLogger

InteractionEnv facilitates testing of complex interactions between the members of a raft group.

func NewInteractionEnv

func NewInteractionEnv(opts *InteractionOpts) *InteractionEnv

NewInteractionEnv initializes an InteractionEnv. opts may be nil.

func (*InteractionEnv) AddNodes

func (env *InteractionEnv) AddNodes(n int, snap pb.Snapshot) error

AddNodes adds n new nodes initializes from the given snapshot (which may be empty). They will be assigned consecutive IDs.

func (*InteractionEnv) Campaign

func (env *InteractionEnv) Campaign(t *testing.T, idx int) error

Campaign the node at the given index.

func (*InteractionEnv) Compact

func (env *InteractionEnv) Compact(idx int, newFirstIndex uint64) error

Compact truncates the log on the node at index idx so that the supplied new first index results.

func (*InteractionEnv) DeliverMsgs

func (env *InteractionEnv) DeliverMsgs(rs ...Recipient) int

DeliverMsgs goes through env.Messages and, depending on the Drop flag, delivers or drops messages to the specified Recipients. Returns the number of messages handled (i.e. delivered or dropped). A handled message is removed from env.Messages.

func (*InteractionEnv) Handle

func (env *InteractionEnv) Handle(t *testing.T, d datadriven.TestData) string

Handle is the entrypoint for data-driven interaction testing. Commands and parameters are parsed from the supplied TestData. Errors during data parsing are reported via the supplied *testing.T; errors from the raft nodes and the storage engine are reported to the output buffer.

func (*InteractionEnv) LogLevel

func (env *InteractionEnv) LogLevel(name string) error

func (*InteractionEnv) ProcessReady

func (env *InteractionEnv) ProcessReady(idx int) error

ProcessReady runs Ready handling on the node with the given index.

func (*InteractionEnv) Propose

func (env *InteractionEnv) Propose(idx int, data []byte) error

Propose a regular entry.

func (*InteractionEnv) ProposeConfChange

func (env *InteractionEnv) ProposeConfChange(idx int, c raftpb.ConfChangeI) error

ProposeConfChange proposes a configuration change on the node with the given index.

func (*InteractionEnv) RaftLog

func (env *InteractionEnv) RaftLog(idx int) error

RaftLog pretty prints the raft log to the output buffer.

func (*InteractionEnv) Stabilize

func (env *InteractionEnv) Stabilize(idxs error

Stabilize repeatedly runs Ready handling on and message delivery to the set of nodes specified via the idxs slice until reaching a fixed point.

func (*InteractionEnv) Status

func (env *InteractionEnv) Status(idx int) error

Status pretty-prints the raft status for the node at the given index to the output buffer.

func (*InteractionEnv) Tick

func (env *InteractionEnv) Tick(idx int, num int) error

Tick the node at the given index the given number of times.

type InteractionOpts

type InteractionOpts struct {
	OnConfig func(*raft.Config)

InteractionOpts groups the options for an InteractionEnv.

type Node

type Node struct {

	Config  *raft.Config
	History []pb.Snapshot

Node is a member of a raft group tested via an InteractionEnv.

type Recipient

type Recipient struct {
	ID   uint64
	Drop bool

type RedirectLogger

type RedirectLogger struct {
	Lvl int // 0 = DEBUG, 1 = INFO, 2 = WARNING, 3 = ERROR, 4 = FATAL, 5 = NONE

func (*RedirectLogger) Debug

func (l *RedirectLogger) Debug(v ...interface{})

func (*RedirectLogger) Debugf

func (l *RedirectLogger) Debugf(format string, v ...interface{})

func (*RedirectLogger) Error

func (l *RedirectLogger) Error(v ...interface{})

func (*RedirectLogger) Errorf

func (l *RedirectLogger) Errorf(format string, v ...interface{})

func (*RedirectLogger) Fatal

func (l *RedirectLogger) Fatal(v ...interface{})

func (*RedirectLogger) Fatalf

func (l *RedirectLogger) Fatalf(format string, v ...interface{})

func (*RedirectLogger) Info

func (l *RedirectLogger) Info(v ...interface{})

func (*RedirectLogger) Infof

func (l *RedirectLogger) Infof(format string, v ...interface{})

func (*RedirectLogger) Panic

func (l *RedirectLogger) Panic(v ...interface{})

func (*RedirectLogger) Panicf

func (l *RedirectLogger) Panicf(format string, v ...interface{})

func (*RedirectLogger) Warning

func (l *RedirectLogger) Warning(v ...interface{})

func (*RedirectLogger) Warningf

func (l *RedirectLogger) Warningf(format string, v ...interface{})

type Storage

type Storage interface {
	SetHardState(state pb.HardState) error
	ApplySnapshot(pb.Snapshot) error
	Compact(newFirstIndex uint64) error
	Append([]pb.Entry) error

Storage is the interface used by InteractionEnv. It is comprised of raft's Storage interface plus access to operations that maintain the log and drive the Ready handling loop.