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const (
	Get              = "get"
	Create           = "create"
	Set              = "set"
	Update           = "update"
	Delete           = "delete"
	CompareAndSwap   = "compareAndSwap"
	CompareAndDelete = "compareAndDelete"
	Expire           = "expire"
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const (
	CompareMatch         = 0
	CompareIndexNotMatch = 1
	CompareValueNotMatch = 2
	CompareNotMatch      = 3

    explanations of Compare function result

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    const (
    	SetSuccess = iota


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    var Permanent time.Time


    func MaxVersion

    func MaxVersion() int

      MaxVersion returns the maximum compatible store version.

      func MinVersion

      func MinVersion() int

        MinVersion returns the minimum compatible store version.

        func RegisterCommandFactory

        func RegisterCommandFactory(factory CommandFactory)

          RegisterCommandFactory adds a command factory to the global registry.

          func TTL

          func TTL(duration string) (time.Time, error)

            Convert string duration to time format


            type CommandFactory

            type CommandFactory interface {
            	Version() int
            	CreateUpgradeCommand() raft.Command
            	CreateSetCommand(key string, dir bool, value string, expireTime time.Time) raft.Command
            	CreateCreateCommand(key string, dir bool, value string, expireTime time.Time, unique bool) raft.Command
            	CreateUpdateCommand(key string, value string, expireTime time.Time) raft.Command
            	CreateDeleteCommand(key string, dir, recursive bool) raft.Command
            	CreateCompareAndSwapCommand(key string, value string, prevValue string,
            		prevIndex uint64, expireTime time.Time) raft.Command
            	CreateCompareAndDeleteCommand(key string, prevValue string, prevIndex uint64) raft.Command
            	CreateSyncCommand(now time.Time) raft.Command
            	CreateGetCommand(key string, recursive, sorted bool) raft.Command

              The CommandFactory provides a way to create different types of commands depending on the current version of the store.

              func GetCommandFactory

              func GetCommandFactory(version int) CommandFactory

                GetCommandFactory retrieves a command factory for a given command version.

                type Event

                type Event struct {
                	Action   string      `json:"action"`
                	Node     *NodeExtern `json:"node,omitempty"`
                	PrevNode *NodeExtern `json:"prevNode,omitempty"`

                func (*Event) Index

                func (e *Event) Index() uint64

                func (*Event) IsCreated

                func (e *Event) IsCreated() bool

                func (*Event) Response

                func (event *Event) Response(currentIndex uint64) interface{}

                  Converts an event object into a response object.

                  type EventHistory

                  type EventHistory struct {
                  	Queue      eventQueue
                  	StartIndex uint64
                  	LastIndex  uint64
                  	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                  type NodeExtern

                  type NodeExtern struct {
                  	Key           string      `json:"key,omitempty"`
                  	Value         *string     `json:"value,omitempty"`
                  	Dir           bool        `json:"dir,omitempty"`
                  	Expiration    *time.Time  `json:"expiration,omitempty"`
                  	TTL           int64       `json:"ttl,omitempty"`
                  	Nodes         NodeExterns `json:"nodes,omitempty"`
                  	ModifiedIndex uint64      `json:"modifiedIndex,omitempty"`
                  	CreatedIndex  uint64      `json:"createdIndex,omitempty"`

                    NodeExtern is the external representation of the internal node with additional fields PrevValue is the previous value of the node TTL is time to live in second

                    type NodeExterns

                    type NodeExterns []*NodeExtern

                    func (NodeExterns) Len

                    func (ns NodeExterns) Len() int

                      interfaces for sorting

                      func (NodeExterns) Less

                      func (ns NodeExterns) Less(i, j int) bool

                      func (NodeExterns) Swap

                      func (ns NodeExterns) Swap(i, j int)

                      type Response

                      type Response struct {
                      	Action    string  `json:"action"`
                      	Key       string  `json:"key"`
                      	Dir       bool    `json:"dir,omitempty"`
                      	PrevValue *string `json:"prevValue,omitempty"`
                      	Value     *string `json:"value,omitempty"`
                      	// If the key did not exist before the action,
                      	// this field should be set to true
                      	NewKey bool `json:"newKey,omitempty"`
                      	Expiration *time.Time `json:"expiration,omitempty"`
                      	// Time to live in second
                      	TTL int64 `json:"ttl,omitempty"`
                      	// The command index of the raft machine when the command is executed
                      	Index uint64 `json:"index"`

                        The response from the store to the user who issue a command

                        type Stats

                        type Stats struct {
                        	// Number of get requests
                        	GetSuccess uint64 `json:"getsSuccess"`
                        	GetFail    uint64 `json:"getsFail"`
                        	// Number of sets requests
                        	SetSuccess uint64 `json:"setsSuccess"`
                        	SetFail    uint64 `json:"setsFail"`
                        	// Number of delete requests
                        	DeleteSuccess uint64 `json:"deleteSuccess"`
                        	DeleteFail    uint64 `json:"deleteFail"`
                        	// Number of update requests
                        	UpdateSuccess uint64 `json:"updateSuccess"`
                        	UpdateFail    uint64 `json:"updateFail"`
                        	// Number of create requests
                        	CreateSuccess uint64 `json:"createSuccess"`
                        	CreateFail    uint64 `json:"createFail"`
                        	// Number of testAndSet requests
                        	CompareAndSwapSuccess uint64 `json:"compareAndSwapSuccess"`
                        	CompareAndSwapFail    uint64 `json:"compareAndSwapFail"`
                        	// Number of compareAndDelete requests
                        	CompareAndDeleteSuccess uint64 `json:"compareAndDeleteSuccess"`
                        	CompareAndDeleteFail    uint64 `json:"compareAndDeleteFail"`
                        	ExpireCount uint64 `json:"expireCount"`
                        	Watchers uint64 `json:"watchers"`

                        func (*Stats) Inc

                        func (s *Stats) Inc(field int)

                        func (*Stats) TotalReads

                        func (s *Stats) TotalReads() uint64

                        func (*Stats) TotalTranscations

                        func (s *Stats) TotalTranscations() uint64

                        type Store

                        type Store interface {
                        	Version() int
                        	CommandFactory() CommandFactory
                        	Index() uint64
                        	Get(nodePath string, recursive, sorted bool) (*Event, error)
                        	Set(nodePath string, dir bool, value string, expireTime time.Time) (*Event, error)
                        	Update(nodePath string, newValue string, expireTime time.Time) (*Event, error)
                        	Create(nodePath string, dir bool, value string, unique bool,
                        		expireTime time.Time) (*Event, error)
                        	CompareAndSwap(nodePath string, prevValue string, prevIndex uint64,
                        		value string, expireTime time.Time) (*Event, error)
                        	Delete(nodePath string, recursive, dir bool) (*Event, error)
                        	CompareAndDelete(nodePath string, prevValue string, prevIndex uint64) (*Event, error)
                        	Watch(prefix string, recursive, stream bool, sinceIndex uint64) (*Watcher, error)
                        	Save() ([]byte, error)
                        	Recovery(state []byte) error
                        	TotalTransactions() uint64
                        	JsonStats() []byte
                        	DeleteExpiredKeys(cutoff time.Time)

                        func New

                        func New() Store

                        type Watcher

                        type Watcher struct {
                        	EventChan chan *Event
                        	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                        func (*Watcher) Remove

                        func (w *Watcher) Remove()

                          Remove removes the watcher from watcherHub The actual remove function is guaranteed to only be executed once


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