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Package rpctypes has types and values shared by the etcd server and client for v3 RPC interaction.



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var (
	// server-side error
	ErrGRPCEmptyKey     = grpc.Errorf(codes.InvalidArgument, "etcdserver: key is not provided")
	ErrGRPCTooManyOps   = grpc.Errorf(codes.InvalidArgument, "etcdserver: too many operations in txn request")
	ErrGRPCDuplicateKey = grpc.Errorf(codes.InvalidArgument, "etcdserver: duplicate key given in txn request")
	ErrGRPCCompacted    = grpc.Errorf(codes.OutOfRange, "etcdserver: mvcc: required revision has been compacted")
	ErrGRPCFutureRev    = grpc.Errorf(codes.OutOfRange, "etcdserver: mvcc: required revision is a future revision")
	ErrGRPCNoSpace      = grpc.Errorf(codes.ResourceExhausted, "etcdserver: mvcc: database space exceeded")

	ErrGRPCLeaseNotFound = grpc.Errorf(codes.NotFound, "etcdserver: requested lease not found")
	ErrGRPCLeaseExist    = grpc.Errorf(codes.FailedPrecondition, "etcdserver: lease already exists")

	ErrGRPCMemberExist    = grpc.Errorf(codes.FailedPrecondition, "etcdserver: member ID already exist")
	ErrGRPCPeerURLExist   = grpc.Errorf(codes.FailedPrecondition, "etcdserver: Peer URLs already exists")
	ErrGRPCMemberBadURLs  = grpc.Errorf(codes.InvalidArgument, "etcdserver: given member URLs are invalid")
	ErrGRPCMemberNotFound = grpc.Errorf(codes.NotFound, "etcdserver: member not found")

	ErrGRPCRequestTooLarge = grpc.Errorf(codes.InvalidArgument, "etcdserver: request is too large")

	ErrGRPCRootUserNotExist     = grpc.Errorf(codes.FailedPrecondition, "etcdserver: root user does not exist")
	ErrGRPCRootRoleNotExist     = grpc.Errorf(codes.FailedPrecondition, "etcdserver: root user does not have root role")
	ErrGRPCUserAlreadyExist     = grpc.Errorf(codes.FailedPrecondition, "etcdserver: user name already exists")
	ErrGRPCUserNotFound         = grpc.Errorf(codes.FailedPrecondition, "etcdserver: user name not found")
	ErrGRPCRoleAlreadyExist     = grpc.Errorf(codes.FailedPrecondition, "etcdserver: role name already exists")
	ErrGRPCRoleNotFound         = grpc.Errorf(codes.FailedPrecondition, "etcdserver: role name not found")
	ErrGRPCAuthFailed           = grpc.Errorf(codes.InvalidArgument, "etcdserver: authentication failed, invalid user ID or password")
	ErrGRPCPermissionDenied     = grpc.Errorf(codes.FailedPrecondition, "etcdserver: permission denied")
	ErrGRPCRoleNotGranted       = grpc.Errorf(codes.FailedPrecondition, "etcdserver: role is not granted to the user")
	ErrGRPCPermissionNotGranted = grpc.Errorf(codes.FailedPrecondition, "etcdserver: permission is not granted to the role")

	ErrGRPCNoLeader   = grpc.Errorf(codes.Unavailable, "etcdserver: no leader")
	ErrGRPCNotCapable = grpc.Errorf(codes.Unavailable, "etcdserver: not capable")
	ErrGRPCStopped    = grpc.Errorf(codes.Unavailable, "etcdserver: server stopped")

	// client-side error
	ErrEmptyKey     = Error(ErrGRPCEmptyKey)
	ErrTooManyOps   = Error(ErrGRPCTooManyOps)
	ErrDuplicateKey = Error(ErrGRPCDuplicateKey)
	ErrCompacted    = Error(ErrGRPCCompacted)
	ErrFutureRev    = Error(ErrGRPCFutureRev)
	ErrNoSpace      = Error(ErrGRPCNoSpace)

	ErrLeaseNotFound = Error(ErrGRPCLeaseNotFound)
	ErrLeaseExist    = Error(ErrGRPCLeaseExist)

	ErrMemberExist    = Error(ErrGRPCMemberExist)
	ErrPeerURLExist   = Error(ErrGRPCPeerURLExist)
	ErrMemberBadURLs  = Error(ErrGRPCMemberBadURLs)
	ErrMemberNotFound = Error(ErrGRPCMemberNotFound)

	ErrRequestTooLarge = Error(ErrGRPCRequestTooLarge)

	ErrRootUserNotExist     = Error(ErrGRPCRootUserNotExist)
	ErrRootRoleNotExist     = Error(ErrGRPCRootRoleNotExist)
	ErrUserAlreadyExist     = Error(ErrGRPCUserAlreadyExist)
	ErrUserNotFound         = Error(ErrGRPCUserNotFound)
	ErrRoleAlreadyExist     = Error(ErrGRPCRoleAlreadyExist)
	ErrRoleNotFound         = Error(ErrGRPCRoleNotFound)
	ErrAuthFailed           = Error(ErrGRPCAuthFailed)
	ErrPermissionDenied     = Error(ErrGRPCPermissionDenied)
	ErrRoleNotGranted       = Error(ErrGRPCRoleNotGranted)
	ErrPermissionNotGranted = Error(ErrGRPCPermissionNotGranted)

	ErrNoLeader   = Error(ErrGRPCNoLeader)
	ErrNotCapable = Error(ErrGRPCNotCapable)
	ErrStopped    = Error(ErrGRPCStopped)
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var (
	MetadataRequireLeaderKey = "hasleader"
	MetadataHasLeader        = "true"


func Error

func Error(err error) error


type EtcdError

type EtcdError struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

EtcdError defines gRPC server errors. (https://github.com/grpc/grpc-go/blob/master/rpc_util.go#L319-L323)

func (EtcdError) Code

func (e EtcdError) Code() codes.Code

Code returns grpc/codes.Code. TODO: define clientv3/codes.Code.

func (EtcdError) Error

func (e EtcdError) Error() string

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