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Package wait provides utility functions for polling, listening using Go channel.



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func NewTimeList

func NewTimeList() *timeList


type List

type List struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func New

func New() *List

func (*List) Register

func (w *List) Register(id uint64) <-chan interface{}

func (*List) Trigger

func (w *List) Trigger(id uint64, x interface{})

type Wait

type Wait interface {
	Register(id uint64) <-chan interface{}
	Trigger(id uint64, x interface{})

func NewWithResponse

func NewWithResponse(ch <-chan interface{}) Wait

type WaitTime

type WaitTime interface {
	// Wait returns a chan that waits on the given deadline.
	// The chan will be triggered when Trigger is called with a
	// deadline that is later than the one it is waiting for.
	// The given deadline MUST be unique. The deadline should be
	// retrieved by calling time.Now() in most cases.
	Wait(deadline time.Time) <-chan struct{}
	// Trigger triggers all the waiting chans with an earlier deadline.
	Trigger(deadline time.Time)

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