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Published: Jul 14, 2017 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


Package v3rpc implements etcd v3 RPC system based on gRPC.



var (

	// Max operations per txn list. For example, Txn.Success can have at most 128 operations,
	// and Txn.Failure can have at most 128 operations.
	MaxOpsPerTxn = 128

func FiltersFromRequest

func FiltersFromRequest(creq *pb.WatchCreateRequest) []mvcc.FilterFunc

func GetProgressReportInterval

func GetProgressReportInterval() time.Duration

func NewKVServer

func NewKVServer(s *etcdserver.EtcdServer) pb.KVServer

func NewLeaseServer

func NewLeaseServer(s *etcdserver.EtcdServer) pb.LeaseServer

func NewMaintenanceServer

func NewMaintenanceServer(s *etcdserver.EtcdServer) pb.MaintenanceServer

func NewQuotaKVServer

func NewQuotaKVServer(s *etcdserver.EtcdServer) pb.KVServer

func NewQuotaLeaseServer

func NewQuotaLeaseServer(s *etcdserver.EtcdServer) pb.LeaseServer

func NewWatchServer

func NewWatchServer(s *etcdserver.EtcdServer) pb.WatchServer

func Server

func Server(s *etcdserver.EtcdServer, tls *tls.Config) *grpc.Server

func SetProgressReportInterval

func SetProgressReportInterval(newTimeout time.Duration)

type Alarmer

type Alarmer interface {
	Alarm(ctx context.Context, ar *pb.AlarmRequest) (*pb.AlarmResponse, error)

type AuthGetter

type AuthGetter interface {
	AuthStore() auth.AuthStore

type AuthServer

type AuthServer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewAuthServer

func NewAuthServer(s *etcdserver.EtcdServer) *AuthServer

func (*AuthServer) AuthDisable

func (as *AuthServer) AuthDisable(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthDisableRequest) (*pb.AuthDisableResponse, error)

func (*AuthServer) AuthEnable

func (as *AuthServer) AuthEnable(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthEnableRequest) (*pb.AuthEnableResponse, error)

func (*AuthServer) Authenticate

func (as *AuthServer) Authenticate(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthenticateRequest) (*pb.AuthenticateResponse, error)

func (*AuthServer) RoleAdd

func (as *AuthServer) RoleAdd(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthRoleAddRequest) (*pb.AuthRoleAddResponse, error)

func (*AuthServer) RoleDelete

func (as *AuthServer) RoleDelete(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthRoleDeleteRequest) (*pb.AuthRoleDeleteResponse, error)

func (*AuthServer) RoleGet

func (as *AuthServer) RoleGet(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthRoleGetRequest) (*pb.AuthRoleGetResponse, error)

func (*AuthServer) RoleList

func (as *AuthServer) RoleList(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthRoleListRequest) (*pb.AuthRoleListResponse, error)

func (*AuthServer) UserAdd

func (as *AuthServer) UserAdd(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthUserAddRequest) (*pb.AuthUserAddResponse, error)

func (*AuthServer) UserDelete

func (as *AuthServer) UserDelete(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthUserDeleteRequest) (*pb.AuthUserDeleteResponse, error)

func (*AuthServer) UserGet

func (as *AuthServer) UserGet(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthUserGetRequest) (*pb.AuthUserGetResponse, error)

func (*AuthServer) UserGrantRole

func (as *AuthServer) UserGrantRole(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthUserGrantRoleRequest) (*pb.AuthUserGrantRoleResponse, error)

func (*AuthServer) UserList

func (as *AuthServer) UserList(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthUserListRequest) (*pb.AuthUserListResponse, error)

func (*AuthServer) UserRevokeRole

func (as *AuthServer) UserRevokeRole(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthUserRevokeRoleRequest) (*pb.AuthUserRevokeRoleResponse, error)

type BackendGetter

type BackendGetter interface {
	Backend() backend.Backend

type ClusterServer

type ClusterServer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewClusterServer

func NewClusterServer(s *etcdserver.EtcdServer) *ClusterServer

func (*ClusterServer) MemberAdd

func (cs *ClusterServer) MemberAdd(ctx context.Context, r *pb.MemberAddRequest) (*pb.MemberAddResponse, error)

func (*ClusterServer) MemberList

func (cs *ClusterServer) MemberList(ctx context.Context, r *pb.MemberListRequest) (*pb.MemberListResponse, error)

func (*ClusterServer) MemberRemove

func (cs *ClusterServer) MemberRemove(ctx context.Context, r *pb.MemberRemoveRequest) (*pb.MemberRemoveResponse, error)

func (*ClusterServer) MemberUpdate

func (cs *ClusterServer) MemberUpdate(ctx context.Context, r *pb.MemberUpdateRequest) (*pb.MemberUpdateResponse, error)

type KVGetter

type KVGetter interface {
	KV() mvcc.ConsistentWatchableKV

type LeaseServer

type LeaseServer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*LeaseServer) LeaseGrant

func (ls *LeaseServer) LeaseGrant(ctx context.Context, cr *pb.LeaseGrantRequest) (*pb.LeaseGrantResponse, error)

func (*LeaseServer) LeaseKeepAlive

func (ls *LeaseServer) LeaseKeepAlive(stream pb.Lease_LeaseKeepAliveServer) error

func (*LeaseServer) LeaseRevoke

func (ls *LeaseServer) LeaseRevoke(ctx context.Context, rr *pb.LeaseRevokeRequest) (*pb.LeaseRevokeResponse, error)

func (*LeaseServer) LeaseTimeToLive

func (ls *LeaseServer) LeaseTimeToLive(ctx context.Context, rr *pb.LeaseTimeToLiveRequest) (*pb.LeaseTimeToLiveResponse, error)

type RaftStatusGetter

type RaftStatusGetter interface {
	Index() uint64
	Term() uint64
	Leader() types.ID

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