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const (
	ExitSuccess = iota
	ExitInvalidInput // for txn, watch command
	ExitBadFeature   // provided a valid flag with an unsupported value
	ExitBadArgs = 128

func ExitWithError

func ExitWithError(code int, err error)

func NewElectionCommand

func NewElectionCommand() *cobra.Command

NewElectionCommand returns the cobra command for "election runner".

func NewLeaseRenewerCommand

func NewLeaseRenewerCommand() *cobra.Command

NewLeaseRenewerCommand returns the cobra command for "lease-renewer runner".

func NewLockRacerCommand

func NewLockRacerCommand() *cobra.Command

NewLockRacerCommand returns the cobra command for "lock-racer runner".

func NewWatchCommand

func NewWatchCommand() *cobra.Command

NewWatchCommand returns the cobra command for "watcher runner".

type GlobalFlags

type GlobalFlags struct {
	Endpoints   []string
	DialTimeout time.Duration

GlobalFlags are flags that defined globally and are inherited to all sub-commands.

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