Package snapshot implements utilities around etcd snapshot.



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    type Manager

    type Manager interface {
    	// Save fetches snapshot from remote etcd server and saves data
    	// to target path. If the context "ctx" is canceled or timed out,
    	// snapshot save stream will error out (e.g. context.Canceled,
    	// context.DeadlineExceeded). Make sure to specify only one endpoint
    	// in client configuration. Snapshot API must be requested to a
    	// selected node, and saved snapshot is the point-in-time state of
    	// the selected node.
    	Save(ctx context.Context, cfg clientv3.Config, dbPath string) error
    	// Status returns the snapshot file information.
    	Status(dbPath string) (Status, error)
    	// Restore restores a new etcd data directory from given snapshot
    	// file. It returns an error if specified data directory already
    	// exists, to prevent unintended data directory overwrites.
    	Restore(cfg RestoreConfig) error

      Manager defines snapshot methods.

      func NewV3

      func NewV3(lg *zap.Logger) Manager

        NewV3 returns a new snapshot Manager for v3.x snapshot.

        type RestoreConfig

        type RestoreConfig struct {
        	// SnapshotPath is the path of snapshot file to restore from.
        	SnapshotPath string
        	// Name is the human-readable name of this member.
        	Name string
        	// OutputDataDir is the target data directory to save restored data.
        	// OutputDataDir should not conflict with existing etcd data directory.
        	// If OutputDataDir already exists, it will return an error to prevent
        	// unintended data directory overwrites.
        	// If empty, defaults to "[Name].etcd" if not given.
        	OutputDataDir string
        	// OutputWALDir is the target WAL data directory.
        	// If empty, defaults to "[OutputDataDir]/member/wal" if not given.
        	OutputWALDir string
        	// PeerURLs is a list of member's peer URLs to advertise to the rest of the cluster.
        	PeerURLs []string
        	// InitialCluster is the initial cluster configuration for restore bootstrap.
        	InitialCluster string
        	// InitialClusterToken is the initial cluster token for etcd cluster during restore bootstrap.
        	InitialClusterToken string
        	// SkipHashCheck is "true" to ignore snapshot integrity hash value
        	// (required if copied from data directory).
        	SkipHashCheck bool

          RestoreConfig configures snapshot restore operation.

          type Status

          type Status struct {
          	Hash      uint32 `json:"hash"`
          	Revision  int64  `json:"revision"`
          	TotalKey  int    `json:"totalKey"`
          	TotalSize int64  `json:"totalSize"`

            Status is the snapshot file status.