Package types declares various data types and implements type-checking functions.



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    func NewThreadsafeSet

    func NewThreadsafeSet(values ...string) *tsafeSet

    func NewUnsafeSet

    func NewUnsafeSet(values ...string) *unsafeSet


    type ID

    type ID uint64

      ID represents a generic identifier which is canonically stored as a uint64 but is typically represented as a base-16 string for input/output

      func IDFromString

      func IDFromString(s string) (ID, error)

        IDFromString attempts to create an ID from a base-16 string.

        func (ID) String

        func (i ID) String() string

        type IDSlice

        type IDSlice []ID

          IDSlice implements the sort interface

          func (IDSlice) Len

          func (p IDSlice) Len() int

          func (IDSlice) Less

          func (p IDSlice) Less(i, j int) bool

          func (IDSlice) Swap

          func (p IDSlice) Swap(i, j int)

          type Set

          type Set interface {
          	Contains(string) bool
          	Equals(Set) bool
          	Length() int
          	Values() []string
          	Copy() Set
          	Sub(Set) Set

          type URLs

          type URLs []url.URL

          func MustNewURLs

          func MustNewURLs(strs []string) URLs

          func NewURLs

          func NewURLs(strs []string) (URLs, error)

          func (URLs) Len

          func (us URLs) Len() int

          func (URLs) Less

          func (us URLs) Less(i, j int) bool

          func (*URLs) Sort

          func (us *URLs) Sort()

          func (URLs) String

          func (us URLs) String() string

          func (URLs) StringSlice

          func (us URLs) StringSlice() []string

          func (URLs) Swap

          func (us URLs) Swap(i, j int)

          type URLsMap

          type URLsMap map[string]URLs

            URLsMap is a map from a name to its URLs.

            func NewURLsMap

            func NewURLsMap(s string) (URLsMap, error)

              NewURLsMap returns a URLsMap instantiated from the given string, which consists of discovery-formatted names-to-URLs, like: mach0=,mach0=,mach1=,mach2=

              func NewURLsMapFromStringMap

              func NewURLsMapFromStringMap(m map[string]string, sep string) (URLsMap, error)

                NewURLsMapFromStringMap takes a map of strings and returns a URLsMap. The string values in the map can be multiple values separated by the sep string.

                func (URLsMap) Len

                func (c URLsMap) Len() int

                  Len returns the size of URLsMap.

                  func (URLsMap) String

                  func (c URLsMap) String() string

                    String turns URLsMap into discovery-formatted name-to-URLs sorted by name.

                    func (URLsMap) URLs

                    func (c URLsMap) URLs() []string

                      URLs returns a list of all URLs. The returned list is sorted in ascending lexicographical order.

                      type Uint64Slice

                      type Uint64Slice []uint64

                        Uint64Slice implements sort interface

                        func (Uint64Slice) Len

                        func (p Uint64Slice) Len() int

                        func (Uint64Slice) Less

                        func (p Uint64Slice) Less(i, j int) bool

                        func (Uint64Slice) Swap

                        func (p Uint64Slice) Swap(i, j int)