Package httpproxy implements etcd httpproxy. The etcd proxy acts as a reverse http proxy forwarding client requests to active etcd cluster members, and does not participate in consensus.



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    const (
    	// DefaultMaxIdleConnsPerHost indicates the default maximum idle connection
    	// count maintained between proxy and each member. We set it to 128 to
    	// let proxy handle 128 concurrent requests in long term smoothly.
    	// If the number of concurrent requests is bigger than this value,
    	// proxy needs to create one new connection when handling each request in
    	// the delta, which is bad because the creation consumes resource and
    	// may eat up ephemeral ports.
    	DefaultMaxIdleConnsPerHost = 128


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    func NewHandler

    func NewHandler(t *http.Transport, urlsFunc GetProxyURLs, failureWait time.Duration, refreshInterval time.Duration) http.Handler

      NewHandler creates a new HTTP handler, listening on the given transport, which will proxy requests to an etcd cluster. The handler will periodically update its view of the cluster.

      func NewReadonlyHandler

      func NewReadonlyHandler(hdlr http.Handler) http.Handler

        NewReadonlyHandler wraps the given HTTP handler to allow only GET requests


        type GetProxyURLs

        type GetProxyURLs func() []string

          GetProxyURLs is a function which should return the current set of URLs to which client requests should be proxied. This function will be queried periodically by the proxy Handler to refresh the set of available backends.