Package cluster manages etcd cluster.



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    type Cluster

    type Cluster struct {
    	Started time.Time
    	LeadIdx int
    	Members []*Member
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      Cluster contains all embedded etcd Members in the same cluster. Configuration is meant to be auto-generated.

      func Start

      func Start(ccfg Config) (clus *Cluster, err error)

        Start starts embedded etcd cluster.

        func (*Cluster) ActiveNodeN

        func (clus *Cluster) ActiveNodeN() (cnt int)

          ActiveNodeN returns the number of Members that are running.

          func (*Cluster) Add

          func (clus *Cluster) Add() error

            Add adds one member.

            func (*Cluster) AllConfigs

            func (clus *Cluster) AllConfigs() []embed.Config

              AllConfigs returns all configurations.

              func (*Cluster) AllEndpoints

              func (clus *Cluster) AllEndpoints(scheme bool) []string

                AllEndpoints returns all endpoints of clients.

                func (*Cluster) AllMemberStatus

                func (clus *Cluster) AllMemberStatus() []clusterpb.MemberStatus

                  AllMemberStatus returns all node status.

                  func (*Cluster) Client

                  func (clus *Cluster) Client(eps ...string) (*clientv3.Client, *tls.Config, error)

                    Client creates the client.

                    func (*Cluster) Config

                    func (clus *Cluster) Config(i int) embed.Config

                      Config returns the configuration of the server.

                      func (*Cluster) Endpoints

                      func (clus *Cluster) Endpoints(i int, scheme bool) []string

                        Endpoints returns the endpoints of the node.

                        func (*Cluster) FindIndex

                        func (clus *Cluster) FindIndex(ep string) int

                          FindIndex returns the node index by client URL. It returns -1 if none.

                          func (*Cluster) InitialCluster

                          func (clus *Cluster) InitialCluster() string

                            InitialCluster returns the 'initial-cluster' string.

                            func (*Cluster) IsStopped

                            func (clus *Cluster) IsStopped(i int) (stopped bool)

                              IsStopped returns true if the node has stopped.

                              func (*Cluster) MemberStatus

                              func (clus *Cluster) MemberStatus(i int) clusterpb.MemberStatus

                                MemberStatus returns the node status.

                                func (*Cluster) Quorum

                                func (clus *Cluster) Quorum() int

                                  Quorum returns the size of quorum.

                                  func (*Cluster) Remove

                                  func (clus *Cluster) Remove(i int) error

                                    Remove removes the member and its data.

                                    func (*Cluster) Restart

                                    func (clus *Cluster) Restart(i int) error

                                      Restart restarts a node.

                                      func (*Cluster) SetClientDialTimeout

                                      func (clus *Cluster) SetClientDialTimeout(d time.Duration)

                                        SetClientDialTimeout sets the client dial timeout.

                                        func (*Cluster) Shutdown

                                        func (clus *Cluster) Shutdown()

                                          Shutdown stops all Members and deletes all data directories.

                                          func (*Cluster) Size

                                          func (clus *Cluster) Size() int

                                            Size returns the size of cluster.

                                            func (*Cluster) Stop

                                            func (clus *Cluster) Stop(i int)

                                              Stop stops a node.

                                              func (*Cluster) StopNotify

                                              func (clus *Cluster) StopNotify() <-chan struct{}

                                                StopNotify returns receive-only stop channel to notify the cluster has stopped.

                                                func (*Cluster) StoppedStartedAt

                                                func (clus *Cluster) StoppedStartedAt(i int) time.Time

                                                  StoppedStartedAt returns the node's last stop and (re)start action time.

                                                  func (*Cluster) UpdateMemberStatus

                                                  func (clus *Cluster) UpdateMemberStatus()

                                                    UpdateMemberStatus updates node statuses.

                                                    func (*Cluster) WaitForLeader

                                                    func (clus *Cluster) WaitForLeader() error

                                                      WaitForLeader waits for cluster to elect a new leader.

                                                      type Config

                                                      type Config struct {
                                                      	Size     int
                                                      	RootDir  string
                                                      	RootPort int
                                                      	EmbeddedClient bool
                                                      	PeerTLSInfo    transport.TLSInfo
                                                      	PeerAutoTLS    bool
                                                      	ClientTLSInfo  transport.TLSInfo
                                                      	ClientAutoTLS  bool
                                                      	RootCtx     context.Context
                                                      	RootCancel  func()
                                                      	DialTimeout time.Duration // for client requests

                                                        Config defines etcd local cluster Configuration.

                                                        func (Config) ClientScheme

                                                        func (c Config) ClientScheme() string

                                                          ClientScheme returns the client scheme. TODO: support unix

                                                          func (Config) PeerScheme

                                                          func (c Config) PeerScheme() string

                                                            PeerScheme returns the peer scheme. TODO: support unix

                                                            type Member

                                                            type Member struct {
                                                            	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                                              Member contains *embed.Etcd and its state.

                                                              func (*Member) Client

                                                              func (m *Member) Client(scheme bool, eps ...string) (cli *clientv3.Client, tlsCfg *tls.Config, err error)

                                                                Client creates a client from a member. If 'eps' is not empty, it overwrites clientv3.Config.Endpoints. If 'embedded' is true, it ignores 'scheme' and 'eps' arguments, since it directly connects to a single embedded server.

                                                                func (*Member) FetchMemberStatus

                                                                func (m *Member) FetchMemberStatus() error

                                                                  FetchMemberStatus fetches member status (make sure to close the client outside of this function).

                                                                  func (*Member) Restart

                                                                  func (m *Member) Restart() error

                                                                    Restart restarts the member.

                                                                    func (*Member) Start

                                                                    func (m *Member) Start() error

                                                                      Start starts the member.

                                                                      func (*Member) Stop

                                                                      func (m *Member) Stop()

                                                                        Stop stops the member.

                                                                        func (*Member) WaitForLeader

                                                                        func (m *Member) WaitForLeader() error

                                                                          WaitForLeader waits for the member to find a leader.


                                                                          Path Synopsis
                                                                          Package clusterpb is a generated protocol buffer package.
                                                                          Package clusterpb is a generated protocol buffer package.