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Published: Jun 3, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


func ChangeStreamExamples

func ChangeStreamExamples(t *testing.T, db *mongo.Database)

ChangeStreamExamples contains examples of changestream operations.

func CommitWithRetry

func CommitWithRetry(sctx mongo.SessionContext) error

CommitWithRetry is an example function demonstrating transaction commit with retry logic.

func DeleteExamples

func DeleteExamples(t *testing.T, db *mongo.Database)

DeleteExamples contains examples of delete operations.

func InsertExamples

func InsertExamples(t *testing.T, db *mongo.Database)

InsertExamples contains examples for insert operations.

func ProjectionExamples

func ProjectionExamples(t *testing.T, db *mongo.Database)

ProjectionExamples contains examples for specifying projections in find operations.

func QueryArrayEmbeddedDocumentsExamples

func QueryArrayEmbeddedDocumentsExamples(t *testing.T, db *mongo.Database)

QueryArrayEmbeddedDocumentsExamples contains examples for querying fields with arrays and embedded documents.

func QueryArraysExamples

func QueryArraysExamples(t *testing.T, db *mongo.Database)

QueryArraysExamples contains examples for querying array fields.

func QueryEmbeddedDocumentsExamples

func QueryEmbeddedDocumentsExamples(t *testing.T, db *mongo.Database)

QueryEmbeddedDocumentsExamples contains examples for querying embedded document fields.

func QueryNullMissingFieldsExamples

func QueryNullMissingFieldsExamples(t *testing.T, db *mongo.Database)

QueryNullMissingFieldsExamples contains examples for querying fields that are null or missing.

func QueryToplevelFieldsExamples

func QueryToplevelFieldsExamples(t *testing.T, db *mongo.Database)

QueryToplevelFieldsExamples contains examples for querying top-level fields.

func RunTransactionWithRetry

func RunTransactionWithRetry(sctx mongo.SessionContext, txnFn func(mongo.SessionContext) error) error

RunTransactionWithRetry is an example function demonstrating transaction retry logic.

func TransactionsExamples

func TransactionsExamples(ctx context.Context, client *mongo.Client) error

TransactionsExamples contains examples for transaction operations.

func UpdateEmployeeInfo

func UpdateEmployeeInfo(ctx context.Context, client *mongo.Client) error

UpdateEmployeeInfo is an example function demonstrating transactions.

func UpdateExamples

func UpdateExamples(t *testing.T, db *mongo.Database)

UpdateExamples contains examples of update operations.

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