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package connstring

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const (
	SchemeMongoDB    = "mongodb"
	SchemeMongoDBSRV = "mongodb+srv"

Scheme constants

type ConnString

type ConnString struct {
	Original                           string
	AppName                            string
	AuthMechanism                      string
	AuthMechanismProperties            map[string]string
	AuthSource                         string
	Compressors                        []string
	Connect                            ConnectMode
	ConnectSet                         bool
	ConnectTimeout                     time.Duration
	ConnectTimeoutSet                  bool
	Database                           string
	HeartbeatInterval                  time.Duration
	HeartbeatIntervalSet               bool
	Hosts                              []string
	J                                  bool
	JSet                               bool
	LocalThreshold                     time.Duration
	LocalThresholdSet                  bool
	MaxConnIdleTime                    time.Duration
	MaxConnIdleTimeSet                 bool
	MaxPoolSize                        uint64
	MaxPoolSizeSet                     bool
	MinPoolSize                        uint64
	MinPoolSizeSet                     bool
	Password                           string
	PasswordSet                        bool
	ReadConcernLevel                   string
	ReadPreference                     string
	ReadPreferenceTagSets              []map[string]string
	RetryWrites                        bool
	RetryWritesSet                     bool
	RetryReads                         bool
	RetryReadsSet                      bool
	MaxStaleness                       time.Duration
	MaxStalenessSet                    bool
	ReplicaSet                         string
	Scheme                             string
	ServerSelectionTimeout             time.Duration
	ServerSelectionTimeoutSet          bool
	SocketTimeout                      time.Duration
	SocketTimeoutSet                   bool
	SSL                                bool
	SSLSet                             bool
	SSLClientCertificateKeyFile        string
	SSLClientCertificateKeyFileSet     bool
	SSLClientCertificateKeyPassword    func() string
	SSLClientCertificateKeyPasswordSet bool
	SSLCertificateFile                 string
	SSLCertificateFileSet              bool
	SSLPrivateKeyFile                  string
	SSLPrivateKeyFileSet               bool
	SSLInsecure                        bool
	SSLInsecureSet                     bool
	SSLCaFile                          string
	SSLCaFileSet                       bool
	WString                            string
	WNumber                            int
	WNumberSet                         bool
	Username                           string
	ZlibLevel                          int
	ZlibLevelSet                       bool
	ZstdLevel                          int
	ZstdLevelSet                       bool

	WTimeout              time.Duration
	WTimeoutSet           bool
	WTimeoutSetFromOption bool

	Options        map[string][]string
	UnknownOptions map[string][]string

ConnString represents a connection string to mongodb.

func Parse

func Parse(s string) (ConnString, error)

Parse parses the provided uri and returns a URI object.

func (*ConnString) String

func (u *ConnString) String() string

type ConnectMode

type ConnectMode uint8

ConnectMode informs the driver on how to connect to the server.

const (
	AutoConnect ConnectMode = iota

ConnectMode constants.

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