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const (
	// DefaultZlibLevel is the default level for zlib compression
	DefaultZlibLevel = 6
	// DefaultZstdLevel is the default level for zstd compression.
	// Matches
	DefaultZstdLevel = 6
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const OpmsgWireVersion = 6

    OpmsgWireVersion is the minimum wire version needed to use OP_MSG


    This section is empty.


    func AppendCompressedCompressedMessage

    func AppendCompressedCompressedMessage(dst []byte, msg []byte) []byte

      AppendCompressedCompressedMessage appends the compressed wiremessage to dst.

      func AppendCompressedCompressorID

      func AppendCompressedCompressorID(dst []byte, id CompressorID) []byte

        AppendCompressedCompressorID appends the ID of the compressor to dst.

        func AppendCompressedOriginalOpCode

        func AppendCompressedOriginalOpCode(dst []byte, opcode OpCode) []byte

          AppendCompressedOriginalOpCode appends the original opcode to dst.

          func AppendCompressedUncompressedSize

          func AppendCompressedUncompressedSize(dst []byte, size int32) []byte

            AppendCompressedUncompressedSize appends the uncompressed size of a compressed wiremessage to dst.

            func AppendGetMoreCursorID

            func AppendGetMoreCursorID(dst []byte, cursorID int64) []byte

              AppendGetMoreCursorID appends the cursorID field to dst.

              func AppendGetMoreFullCollectionName

              func AppendGetMoreFullCollectionName(dst []byte, ns string) []byte

                AppendGetMoreFullCollectionName appends the fullCollectionName field to dst.

                func AppendGetMoreNumberToReturn

                func AppendGetMoreNumberToReturn(dst []byte, numToReturn int32) []byte

                  AppendGetMoreNumberToReturn appends the numberToReturn field to dst.

                  func AppendGetMoreZero

                  func AppendGetMoreZero(dst []byte) []byte

                    AppendGetMoreZero appends the zero field to dst.

                    func AppendHeader

                    func AppendHeader(dst []byte, length, reqid, respto int32, opcode OpCode) []byte

                      AppendHeader appends a header to dst.

                      func AppendHeaderStart

                      func AppendHeaderStart(dst []byte, reqid, respto int32, opcode OpCode) (index int32, b []byte)

                        AppendHeaderStart appends a header to the dst slice and returns an index where the wire message starts in dst and the updated slice.

                        func AppendKillCursorsCursorIDs

                        func AppendKillCursorsCursorIDs(dst []byte, cursors []int64) []byte

                          AppendKillCursorsCursorIDs appends each the cursorIDs field to dst.

                          func AppendKillCursorsNumberIDs

                          func AppendKillCursorsNumberIDs(dst []byte, numIDs int32) []byte

                            AppendKillCursorsNumberIDs appends the numberOfCursorIDs field to dst.

                            func AppendKillCursorsZero

                            func AppendKillCursorsZero(dst []byte) []byte

                              AppendKillCursorsZero appends the zero field to dst.

                              func AppendMsgFlags

                              func AppendMsgFlags(dst []byte, flags MsgFlag) []byte

                                AppendMsgFlags appends the flags for an OP_MSG wire message.

                                func AppendMsgSectionType

                                func AppendMsgSectionType(dst []byte, stype SectionType) []byte

                                  AppendMsgSectionType appends the section type to dst.

                                  func AppendQueryFlags

                                  func AppendQueryFlags(dst []byte, flags QueryFlag) []byte

                                    AppendQueryFlags appends the flags for an OP_QUERY wire message.

                                    func AppendQueryFullCollectionName

                                    func AppendQueryFullCollectionName(dst []byte, ns string) []byte

                                      AppendQueryFullCollectionName appends the full collection name to dst.

                                      func AppendQueryNumberToReturn

                                      func AppendQueryNumberToReturn(dst []byte, nor int32) []byte

                                        AppendQueryNumberToReturn appends the number to return to dst.

                                        func AppendQueryNumberToSkip

                                        func AppendQueryNumberToSkip(dst []byte, skip int32) []byte

                                          AppendQueryNumberToSkip appends the number to skip to dst.

                                          func AppendReplyCursorID

                                          func AppendReplyCursorID(dst []byte, id int64) []byte

                                            AppendReplyCursorID appends the cursor ID to dst.

                                            func AppendReplyFlags

                                            func AppendReplyFlags(dst []byte, flags ReplyFlag) []byte

                                              AppendReplyFlags appends the flags for an OP_REPLY wire message.

                                              func AppendReplyNumberReturned

                                              func AppendReplyNumberReturned(dst []byte, nr int32) []byte

                                                AppendReplyNumberReturned appends the number returned to dst.

                                                func AppendReplyStartingFrom

                                                func AppendReplyStartingFrom(dst []byte, sf int32) []byte

                                                  AppendReplyStartingFrom appends the starting from field to dst.

                                                  func CurrentRequestID

                                                  func CurrentRequestID() int32

                                                    CurrentRequestID returns the current request ID.

                                                    func IsMsgMoreToCome

                                                    func IsMsgMoreToCome(wm []byte) bool

                                                      IsMsgMoreToCome returns if the provided wire message is an OP_MSG with the more to come flag set.

                                                      func NextRequestID

                                                      func NextRequestID() int32

                                                        NextRequestID returns the next request ID.

                                                        func ReadCompressedCompressedMessage

                                                        func ReadCompressedCompressedMessage(src []byte, length int32) (msg []byte, rem []byte, ok bool)

                                                          ReadCompressedCompressedMessage reads the compressed wiremessage to dst.

                                                          func ReadCompressedUncompressedSize

                                                          func ReadCompressedUncompressedSize(src []byte) (size int32, rem []byte, ok bool)

                                                            ReadCompressedUncompressedSize reads the uncompressed size of a compressed wiremessage to dst.

                                                            func ReadKillCursorsCursorIDs

                                                            func ReadKillCursorsCursorIDs(src []byte, numIDs int32) (cursorIDs []int64, rem []byte, ok bool)

                                                              ReadKillCursorsCursorIDs reads numIDs cursor IDs from src.

                                                              func ReadKillCursorsNumberIDs

                                                              func ReadKillCursorsNumberIDs(src []byte) (numIDs int32, rem []byte, ok bool)

                                                                ReadKillCursorsNumberIDs reads the numberOfCursorIDs field from src.

                                                                func ReadKillCursorsZero

                                                                func ReadKillCursorsZero(src []byte) (zero int32, rem []byte, ok bool)

                                                                  ReadKillCursorsZero reads the zero field from src.

                                                                  func ReadMsgChecksum

                                                                  func ReadMsgChecksum(src []byte) (checksum uint32, rem []byte, ok bool)

                                                                    ReadMsgChecksum reads a checksum from src.

                                                                    func ReadMsgSectionDocumentSequence

                                                                    func ReadMsgSectionDocumentSequence(src []byte) (identifier string, docs []bsoncore.Document, rem []byte, ok bool)

                                                                      ReadMsgSectionDocumentSequence reads an identifier and document sequence from src and returns the document sequence data parsed into a slice of BSON documents.

                                                                      func ReadMsgSectionRawDocumentSequence

                                                                      func ReadMsgSectionRawDocumentSequence(src []byte) (identifier string, data []byte, rem []byte, ok bool)

                                                                        ReadMsgSectionRawDocumentSequence reads an identifier and document sequence from src and returns the raw document sequence data.

                                                                        func ReadMsgSectionSingleDocument

                                                                        func ReadMsgSectionSingleDocument(src []byte) (doc bsoncore.Document, rem []byte, ok bool)

                                                                          ReadMsgSectionSingleDocument reads a single document from src.

                                                                          func ReadQueryFullCollectionName

                                                                          func ReadQueryFullCollectionName(src []byte) (collname string, rem []byte, ok bool)

                                                                            ReadQueryFullCollectionName reads the full collection name from src.

                                                                            func ReadQueryNumberToReturn

                                                                            func ReadQueryNumberToReturn(src []byte) (ntr int32, rem []byte, ok bool)

                                                                              ReadQueryNumberToReturn reads the number to return from src.

                                                                              func ReadQueryNumberToSkip

                                                                              func ReadQueryNumberToSkip(src []byte) (nts int32, rem []byte, ok bool)

                                                                                ReadQueryNumberToSkip reads the number to skip from src.

                                                                                func ReadQueryQuery

                                                                                func ReadQueryQuery(src []byte) (query bsoncore.Document, rem []byte, ok bool)

                                                                                  ReadQueryQuery reads the query from src.

                                                                                  func ReadQueryReturnFieldsSelector

                                                                                  func ReadQueryReturnFieldsSelector(src []byte) (rfs bsoncore.Document, rem []byte, ok bool)

                                                                                    ReadQueryReturnFieldsSelector reads a return fields selector document from src.

                                                                                    func ReadReplyCursorID

                                                                                    func ReadReplyCursorID(src []byte) (cursorID int64, rem []byte, ok bool)

                                                                                      ReadReplyCursorID reads a cursor ID from src.

                                                                                      func ReadReplyDocument

                                                                                      func ReadReplyDocument(src []byte) (doc bsoncore.Document, rem []byte, ok bool)

                                                                                        ReadReplyDocument reads a reply document from src.

                                                                                        func ReadReplyDocuments

                                                                                        func ReadReplyDocuments(src []byte) (docs []bsoncore.Document, rem []byte, ok bool)

                                                                                          ReadReplyDocuments reads as many documents as possible from src

                                                                                          func ReadReplyNumberReturned

                                                                                          func ReadReplyNumberReturned(src []byte) (numberReturned int32, rem []byte, ok bool)

                                                                                            ReadReplyNumberReturned reads the numbered returned from src.

                                                                                            func ReadReplyStartingFrom

                                                                                            func ReadReplyStartingFrom(src []byte) (startingFrom int32, rem []byte, ok bool)

                                                                                              ReadReplyStartingFrom reads the starting from from src.


                                                                                              type CompressorID

                                                                                              type CompressorID uint8

                                                                                                CompressorID is the ID for each type of Compressor.

                                                                                                const (
                                                                                                	CompressorNoOp CompressorID = iota

                                                                                                  These constants represent the individual compressor IDs for an OP_COMPRESSED.

                                                                                                  func ReadCompressedCompressorID

                                                                                                  func ReadCompressedCompressorID(src []byte) (id CompressorID, rem []byte, ok bool)

                                                                                                    ReadCompressedCompressorID reads the ID of the compressor to dst.

                                                                                                    type MsgFlag

                                                                                                    type MsgFlag uint32

                                                                                                      MsgFlag represents the flags on an OP_MSG message.

                                                                                                      const (
                                                                                                      	ChecksumPresent MsgFlag = 1 << iota
                                                                                                      	ExhaustAllowed MsgFlag = 1 << 16

                                                                                                        These constants represent the individual flags on an OP_MSG message.

                                                                                                        func ReadMsgFlags

                                                                                                        func ReadMsgFlags(src []byte) (flags MsgFlag, rem []byte, ok bool)

                                                                                                          ReadMsgFlags reads the OP_MSG flags from src.

                                                                                                          type OpCode

                                                                                                          type OpCode int32

                                                                                                            OpCode represents a MongoDB wire protocol opcode.

                                                                                                            const (
                                                                                                            	OpReply OpCode = 1
                                                                                                            	OpUpdate OpCode = 2001
                                                                                                            	OpInsert OpCode = 2002
                                                                                                            	OpQuery        OpCode = 2004
                                                                                                            	OpGetMore      OpCode = 2005
                                                                                                            	OpDelete       OpCode = 2006
                                                                                                            	OpKillCursors  OpCode = 2007
                                                                                                            	OpCommand      OpCode = 2010
                                                                                                            	OpCommandReply OpCode = 2011
                                                                                                            	OpCompressed   OpCode = 2012
                                                                                                            	OpMsg          OpCode = 2013

                                                                                                              These constants are the valid opcodes for the version of the wireprotocol supported by this library. The skipped OpCodes are historical OpCodes that are no longer used.

                                                                                                              func ReadCompressedOriginalOpCode

                                                                                                              func ReadCompressedOriginalOpCode(src []byte) (opcode OpCode, rem []byte, ok bool)

                                                                                                                ReadCompressedOriginalOpCode reads the original opcode from src.

                                                                                                                func ReadHeader

                                                                                                                func ReadHeader(src []byte) (length, requestID, responseTo int32, opcode OpCode, rem []byte, ok bool)

                                                                                                                  ReadHeader reads a wire message header from src.

                                                                                                                  func (OpCode) String

                                                                                                                  func (oc OpCode) String() string

                                                                                                                    String implements the fmt.Stringer interface.

                                                                                                                    type QueryFlag

                                                                                                                    type QueryFlag int32

                                                                                                                      QueryFlag represents the flags on an OP_QUERY message.

                                                                                                                      const (
                                                                                                                      	TailableCursor QueryFlag

                                                                                                                        These constants represent the individual flags on an OP_QUERY message.

                                                                                                                        func ReadQueryFlags

                                                                                                                        func ReadQueryFlags(src []byte) (flags QueryFlag, rem []byte, ok bool)

                                                                                                                          ReadQueryFlags reads OP_QUERY flags from src.

                                                                                                                          func (QueryFlag) String

                                                                                                                          func (qf QueryFlag) String() string

                                                                                                                            String implements the fmt.Stringer interface.

                                                                                                                            type ReplyFlag

                                                                                                                            type ReplyFlag int32

                                                                                                                              ReplyFlag represents the flags of an OP_REPLY message.

                                                                                                                              const (
                                                                                                                              	CursorNotFound ReplyFlag = 1 << iota

                                                                                                                                These constants represent the individual flags of an OP_REPLY message.

                                                                                                                                func ReadReplyFlags

                                                                                                                                func ReadReplyFlags(src []byte) (flags ReplyFlag, rem []byte, ok bool)

                                                                                                                                  ReadReplyFlags reads OP_REPLY flags from src.

                                                                                                                                  func (ReplyFlag) String

                                                                                                                                  func (rf ReplyFlag) String() string

                                                                                                                                    String implements the fmt.Stringer interface.

                                                                                                                                    type SectionType

                                                                                                                                    type SectionType uint8

                                                                                                                                      SectionType represents the type for 1 section in an OP_MSG

                                                                                                                                      const (
                                                                                                                                      	SingleDocument SectionType = iota

                                                                                                                                        These constants represent the individual section types for a section in an OP_MSG

                                                                                                                                        func ReadMsgSectionType

                                                                                                                                        func ReadMsgSectionType(src []byte) (stype SectionType, rem []byte, ok bool)

                                                                                                                                          ReadMsgSectionType reads the section type from src.

                                                                                                                                          type WireMessage

                                                                                                                                          type WireMessage []byte

                                                                                                                                            WireMessage represents a MongoDB wire message in binary form.

                                                                                                                                            Source Files