Package bsontype is a utility package that contains types for each BSON type and the a stringifier for the Type to enable easier debugging when working with BSON.



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    const (
    	Double           Type = 0x01
    	String           Type = 0x02
    	EmbeddedDocument Type = 0x03
    	Array            Type = 0x04
    	Binary           Type = 0x05
    	Undefined        Type = 0x06
    	ObjectID         Type = 0x07
    	Boolean          Type = 0x08
    	DateTime         Type = 0x09
    	Null             Type = 0x0A
    	Regex            Type = 0x0B
    	DBPointer        Type = 0x0C
    	JavaScript       Type = 0x0D
    	Symbol           Type = 0x0E
    	CodeWithScope    Type = 0x0F
    	Int32            Type = 0x10
    	Timestamp        Type = 0x11
    	Int64            Type = 0x12
    	Decimal128       Type = 0x13
    	MinKey           Type = 0xFF
    	MaxKey           Type = 0x7F
    	BinaryGeneric     byte = 0x00
    	BinaryFunction    byte = 0x01
    	BinaryBinaryOld   byte = 0x02
    	BinaryUUIDOld     byte = 0x03
    	BinaryUUID        byte = 0x04
    	BinaryMD5         byte = 0x05
    	BinaryUserDefined byte = 0x80

      These constants uniquely refer to each BSON type.


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      type Type

      type Type byte

        Type represents a BSON type.

        func (Type) String

        func (bt Type) String() string

          String returns the string representation of the BSON type's name.

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