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type DataKeyOptions

type DataKeyOptions struct {
	KeyAltNames []string
	MasterKey   bsoncore.Document

    DataKeyOptions specifies options for creating a new data key.

    func DataKey

    func DataKey() *DataKeyOptions

      DataKey creates a new DataKeyOptions instance.

      func (*DataKeyOptions) SetKeyAltNames

      func (dko *DataKeyOptions) SetKeyAltNames(names []string) *DataKeyOptions

        SetKeyAltNames specifies alternate key names.

        func (*DataKeyOptions) SetMasterKey

        func (dko *DataKeyOptions) SetMasterKey(key bsoncore.Document) *DataKeyOptions

          SetMasterKey specifies the master key.

          type ExplicitEncryptionOptions

          type ExplicitEncryptionOptions struct {
          	KeyID      *primitive.Binary
          	KeyAltName *string
          	Algorithm  string

            ExplicitEncryptionOptions specifies options for configuring an explicit encryption context.

            func ExplicitEncryption

            func ExplicitEncryption() *ExplicitEncryptionOptions

              ExplicitEncryption creates a new ExplicitEncryptionOptions instance.

              func (*ExplicitEncryptionOptions) SetAlgorithm

              func (eeo *ExplicitEncryptionOptions) SetAlgorithm(algorithm string) *ExplicitEncryptionOptions

                SetAlgorithm specifies an encryption algorithm.

                func (*ExplicitEncryptionOptions) SetKeyAltName

                func (eeo *ExplicitEncryptionOptions) SetKeyAltName(keyAltName string) *ExplicitEncryptionOptions

                  SetKeyAltName sets the key alternative name.

                  func (*ExplicitEncryptionOptions) SetKeyID

                    SetKeyID sets the key identifier.

                    type MongoCryptOptions

                    type MongoCryptOptions struct {
                    	KmsProviders   bsoncore.Document
                    	LocalSchemaMap map[string]bsoncore.Document

                      MongoCryptOptions specifies options to configure a MongoCrypt instance.

                      func MongoCrypt

                      func MongoCrypt() *MongoCryptOptions

                        MongoCrypt creates a new MongoCryptOptions instance.

                        func (*MongoCryptOptions) SetKmsProviders

                        func (mo *MongoCryptOptions) SetKmsProviders(kmsProviders bsoncore.Document) *MongoCryptOptions

                          SetKmsProviders specifies the KMS providers map.

                          func (*MongoCryptOptions) SetLocalSchemaMap

                          func (mo *MongoCryptOptions) SetLocalSchemaMap(localSchemaMap map[string]bsoncore.Document) *MongoCryptOptions

                            SetLocalSchemaMap specifies the local schema map.