Package pgp contains an implementation of the interface that encrypts and decrypts the data key by first trying with the package and if that fails, by calling the "gpg" binary.



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    type MasterKey

    type MasterKey struct {
    	Fingerprint  string
    	EncryptedKey string
    	CreationDate time.Time

      MasterKey is a PGP key used to securely store sops' data key by encrypting it and decrypting it

      func MasterKeysFromFingerprintString

      func MasterKeysFromFingerprintString(fingerprint string) []*MasterKey

        MasterKeysFromFingerprintString takes a comma separated list of PGP fingerprints and returns a slice of new MasterKeys with those fingerprints

        func NewMasterKeyFromFingerprint

        func NewMasterKeyFromFingerprint(fingerprint string) *MasterKey

          NewMasterKeyFromFingerprint takes a PGP fingerprint and returns a new MasterKey with that fingerprint

          func (*MasterKey) Decrypt

          func (key *MasterKey) Decrypt() ([]byte, error)

            Decrypt uses PGP to obtain the data key from the EncryptedKey store in the MasterKey and returns it

            func (*MasterKey) Encrypt

            func (key *MasterKey) Encrypt(dataKey []byte) error

              Encrypt encrypts the data key with the PGP key with the same fingerprint as the MasterKey. It looks for PGP public keys in $PGPHOME/pubring.gpg.

              func (*MasterKey) EncryptIfNeeded

              func (key *MasterKey) EncryptIfNeeded(dataKey []byte) error

                EncryptIfNeeded encrypts the data key with PGP only if it's needed, that is, if it hasn't been encrypted already

                func (*MasterKey) EncryptedDataKey

                func (key *MasterKey) EncryptedDataKey() []byte

                  EncryptedDataKey returns the encrypted data key this master key holds

                  func (*MasterKey) NeedsRotation

                  func (key *MasterKey) NeedsRotation() bool

                    NeedsRotation returns whether the data key needs to be rotated or not

                    func (*MasterKey) SetEncryptedDataKey

                    func (key *MasterKey) SetEncryptedDataKey(enc []byte)

                      SetEncryptedDataKey sets the encrypted data key for this master key

                      func (MasterKey) ToMap

                      func (key MasterKey) ToMap() map[string]interface{}

                        ToMap converts the MasterKey into a map for serialization purposes

                        func (*MasterKey) ToString

                        func (key *MasterKey) ToString() string

                          ToString returns the string representation of the key, i.e. its fingerprint

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