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const SopsPrefix = "sops_"

    SopsPrefix is the prefix for all metadatada entry keys


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    type Store

    type Store struct {

      Store handles storage of dotenv data

      func (*Store) EmitEncryptedFile

      func (store *Store) EmitEncryptedFile(in sops.Tree) ([]byte, error)

        EmitEncryptedFile returns the encrypted file's bytes corresponding to a sops runtime object

        func (*Store) EmitExample

        func (store *Store) EmitExample() []byte

          EmitExample returns the bytes corresponding to an example Flat Tree runtime object

          func (*Store) EmitPlainFile

          func (store *Store) EmitPlainFile(in sops.TreeBranches) ([]byte, error)

            EmitPlainFile returns the plaintext file's bytes corresponding to a sops runtime object

            func (Store) EmitValue

            func (Store) EmitValue(v interface{}) ([]byte, error)

              EmitValue returns a single value as bytes

              func (*Store) LoadEncryptedFile

              func (store *Store) LoadEncryptedFile(in []byte) (sops.Tree, error)

                LoadEncryptedFile loads an encrypted file's bytes onto a sops.Tree runtime object

                func (*Store) LoadPlainFile

                func (store *Store) LoadPlainFile(in []byte) (sops.TreeBranches, error)

                  LoadPlainFile returns the contents of a plaintext file loaded onto a sops runtime object

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