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Published: Apr 8, 2019 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:
Path Synopsis
examples/grpc/proto Package helloworld is a generated protocol buffer package.
examples/helloworld Command helloworld is an example program that collects data for video size.
examples/quickstart Command stats implements the stats Quick Start example from:
exemplar Package exemplar implements support for exemplars.
exporter/jaeger Package jaeger contains an OpenCensus tracing exporter for Jaeger.
exporter/jaeger/example Command jaeger is an example program that creates spans and uploads to Jaeger.
exporter/prometheus Package prometheus contains a Prometheus exporter that supports exporting OpenCensus views as Prometheus metrics.
exporter/prometheus/example Command prometheus is an example program that collects data for video size.
exporter/stackdriver/propagation Package propagation implement X-Cloud-Trace-Context header propagation used by Google Cloud products.
exporter/zipkin Package zipkin contains an trace exporter for Zipkin.
internal/check Command version checks that the version string matches the latest Git tag.
internal/readme Package readme generates the README.
internal/tagencoding Package tagencoding contains the tag encoding used interally by the stats collector.
internal/testpb Package testpb is a generated protocol buffer package.
metric Package metric support for gauge metrics.
metric/metricdata Package metricdata contains the metrics data model.
metric/metricexport Package metricexport contains support for exporting metric data.
plugin/ocgrpc Package ocgrpc contains OpenCensus stats and trace integrations for gRPC.
plugin/ochttp Package ochttp provides OpenCensus instrumentation for net/http package.
plugin/ochttp/propagation/b3 Package b3 contains a propagation.HTTPFormat implementation for B3 propagation.
plugin/ochttp/propagation/tracecontext Package tracecontext contains HTTP propagator for TraceContext standard.
resource Package resource provides functionality for resource, which capture identifying information about the entities for which signals are exported.
stats Package stats contains support for OpenCensus stats recording.
stats/view Package view contains support for collecting and exposing aggregates over stats.
tag Package tag contains OpenCensus tags.
trace Package trace contains support for OpenCensus distributed tracing.
trace/internal Package internal provides trace internals.
trace/propagation Package propagation implements the binary trace context format.
trace/tracestate Package tracestate implements support for the Tracestate header of the W3C TraceContext propagation format.
zpages Package zpages implements a collection of HTML pages that display RPC stats and trace data, and also functions to write that same data in plain text to an io.Writer.