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Published: Jun 17, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:
Path Synopsis
examples/derived_gauges This example demonstrates the use of derived gauges.
examples/exporter Package exporter contains a log exporter that supports exporting OpenCensus metrics and spans to a logging framework.
examples/gauges This example shows how to use gauge metrics.
examples/grpc/proto Package helloworld is a generated protocol buffer package.
examples/helloworld Command helloworld is an example program that collects data for video size.
examples/quickstart Command stats implements the stats Quick Start example from:
exporter/stackdriver/propagation Package propagation implement X-Cloud-Trace-Context header propagation used by Google Cloud products.
internal/check Command version checks that the version string matches the latest Git tag.
internal/readme Package readme generates the README.
internal/tagencoding Package tagencoding contains the tag encoding used interally by the stats collector.
internal/testpb Package testpb is a generated protocol buffer package.
metric Package metric support for gauge and cumulative metrics.
metric/metricdata Package metricdata contains the metrics data model.
metric/metricexport Package metricexport contains support for exporting metric data.
metric/test Package test for testing code instrumented with the metric and stats packages.
plugin/ocgrpc Package ocgrpc contains OpenCensus stats and trace integrations for gRPC.
plugin/ochttp Package ochttp provides OpenCensus instrumentation for net/http package.
plugin/ochttp/propagation/b3 Package b3 contains a propagation.HTTPFormat implementation for B3 propagation.
plugin/ochttp/propagation/tracecontext Package tracecontext contains HTTP propagator for TraceContext standard.
plugin/runmetrics Package runmetrics contains support for runtime metrics.
resource Package resource provides functionality for resource, which capture identifying information about the entities for which signals are exported.
resource/resourcekeys Package resourcekeys contains well known type and label keys for resources.
stats Package stats contains support for OpenCensus stats recording.
stats/view Package view contains support for collecting and exposing aggregates over stats.
tag Package tag contains OpenCensus tags.
trace Package trace contains support for OpenCensus distributed tracing.
trace/internal Package internal provides trace internals.
trace/propagation Package propagation implements the binary trace context format.
trace/tracestate Package tracestate implements support for the Tracestate header of the W3C TraceContext propagation format.
zpages Package zpages implements a collection of HTML pages that display RPC stats and trace data, and also functions to write that same data in plain text to an io.Writer.