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Crosslink is a tool to assist in managing go repositories that contain multiple intra-repository go.mod files. Crosslink automatically scans and inserts replace statements for direct and transitive intra-repository dependencies. Crosslink can generate a file to facilitate local development of a repository containing multiple Go modules. Crosslink also contains functionality to remove any extra replace statements that are no longer required within reason (see below).


Crosslink makes certain assumptions about your repository. Due to these assumptions the tool maintains constraints to avoid any undesirable changes.

  1. By default all crosslink actions are non destructive unless specific command flags are provided.
  2. Crosslink will only work with modules that fall under the root module namespace.
    • For example falls under the namespace but does not.
    • Root module namespace is defined either by the module that exists in the provided --root flag directory or the go.mod file located at highest level of the repository.
  3. Crosslink does not maintain or include version numbers in replace statements. Replace statements are always inserted or overwritten with no version numbers.
  4. Crosslink allows users to exclude modules. Exclude means that crosslink will not perform any replace or pruning operations where the old path == exclude path. Operations will still be performed inside modules where module path == exclude path.

Note: Crosslink was developed for use in the OpenTelemetry organization. See opentelemetry-go and opentelemetry-collector-contrib for working examples. If you experience a use case that crosslink fails to handle properly, please open an issue (or even a PR!) highlighting the discrepancy.


Latest Release

To utilize Crosslink install using the go command line interface.

go install

Crosslink supports the following commands and flags.


Used to provide the path to a directory where a go.mod file must exist. The root flag is available to all crosslink subcommands.

Note: If no --root flag is provided then crosslink attempts to identify a git repository in the current or a parent directory. If no git repository exists, crosslink will return an error.

crosslink --root=/users/foo/multimodule-go-repo
prune / –-prune / -p


Pruning will remove any dependency replacement statements for intra-repository dependencies that are determined to not be direct or transitive dependencies. Without pruning all intra-repository modules will be added as replace statements. Pruning will only remove go modules that fall under the same module path as the root module. For example, If the root module is named and there exists a replace statement of => ./bar that is not a direct or transitive dependency of the current go.mod file, it will be pruned.

Crosslink will not remove replace statements for modules that do not fall under the root module path even if they are not in the current dependency graph.

Pruning can be executed independently with no replace statements being inserted.

crosslink prune

Pruning can also be executed in addition to a standard crosslink replace operation.

crosslink --root=/users/foo/multimodule-go-repo --prune


Overwrite gives crosslink permission to update existing replacement paths in addition to adding new ones. If crosslink identifies a direct or transitive dependency in the intra-repository dependency graph then it will insert or update the corresponding replace statement for that requirement.

crosslink --root=/users/foo/multimodule-go-repo --overwrite

Exclude is a set of go modules that crosslink will ignore when replacing or pruning. It is expected that a list of comma-separated values will be provided in one or multiple calls to exclude. Excluded module names should be the old value in the replacement path. For example, passing would exclude this replace statement from any operation replace => ./test.

A single call to exclude

crosslink --overwrite,

Multiple calls to exclude can also be made

crosslink –prune, \ \ \,
–-verbose / -v

Verbose enables crosslink to log all replace (destructive and non-destructive) and pruning operations to the terminal. By default this is disabled but enabled automatically when the –overwrite flag is provided. Verbosity can be enabled or disabled at any time. For non destructive operations

crosslink --root=/users/foo/multimodule-go-repo -v

Can be disabled when overwriting.

crosslink --root=/users/foot/multimodule-go-repo --overwrite -v=false

Quick Tip: Make sure your go.mod files are tracked and committed in a VCS before running crosslink.


Creates or updates existing file by adding use statements for all intra-repository Go modules. It also removes use statements for out-dated intra-repository Go modules.

crosslink work --root=/users/foo/multimodule-go-repo

Go version applied when new file is created (default "1.19").

crosslink work --go=1.20


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