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Published: Apr 28, 2022 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 4 Imported by: 40



Package pdata (pipeline data) implements data structures that represent telemetry data in-memory. All data received is converted into this format, travels through the pipeline in this format, and is converted from this format by exporters when sending.

Current implementation primarily uses OTLP ProtoBuf structs as the underlying data structures for many of of the declared structs. We keep a pointer to OTLP protobuf in the "orig" member field. This allows efficient translation to/from OTLP wire protocol. Note that the underlying data structure is kept private so that we are free to make changes to it in the future.

Most of the internal data structures must be created via New* functions. Zero-initialized structures, in most cases, are not valid (read comments for each struct to know if that is the case). This is a slight deviation from idiomatic Go to avoid unnecessary pointer checks in dozens of functions which assume the invariant that "orig" member is non-nil. Several structures also provide New*Slice functions that allow creating more than one instance of the struct more efficiently instead of calling New* repeatedly. Use it where appropriate.

This package also provides common ways for decoding serialized bytes into protocol-specific in-memory data models (e.g. Zipkin Span). These data models can then be translated to pdata representations. Similarly, pdata types can be translated from a data model which can then be serialized into bytes.

* Encoding: Common interfaces for serializing/deserializing bytes from/to protocol-specific data models. * Translation: Common interfaces for translating protocol-specific data models from/to pdata types. * Marshaling: Common higher level APIs that do both encoding and translation of bytes and data model if going directly pdata types to bytes.



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const (
	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pcommon.ValueTypeEmpty instead.
	ValueTypeEmpty = pcommon.ValueTypeEmpty

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pcommon.ValueTypeString instead.
	ValueTypeString = pcommon.ValueTypeString

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pcommon.ValueTypeInt instead.
	ValueTypeInt = pcommon.ValueTypeInt

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pcommon.ValueTypeDouble instead.
	ValueTypeDouble = pcommon.ValueTypeDouble

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pcommon.ValueTypeBool instead.
	ValueTypeBool = pcommon.ValueTypeBool

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pcommon.ValueTypeMap instead.
	ValueTypeMap = pcommon.ValueTypeMap

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pcommon.ValueTypeSlice instead.
	ValueTypeSlice = pcommon.ValueTypeSlice

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pcommon.ValueTypeBytes instead.
	ValueTypeBytes = pcommon.ValueTypeBytes
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const (

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.SeverityNumberUNDEFINED instead.
	SeverityNumberUNDEFINED = plog.SeverityNumberUNDEFINED

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.SeverityNumberTRACE instead.
	SeverityNumberTRACE = plog.SeverityNumberTRACE

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.SeverityNumberTRACE2 instead.
	SeverityNumberTRACE2 = plog.SeverityNumberTRACE2

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.SeverityNumberTRACE3 instead.
	SeverityNumberTRACE3 = plog.SeverityNumberTRACE3

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.SeverityNumberTRACE4 instead.
	SeverityNumberTRACE4 = plog.SeverityNumberTRACE4

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.SeverityNumberDEBUG instead.
	SeverityNumberDEBUG = plog.SeverityNumberDEBUG

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.SeverityNumberDEBUG2 instead.
	SeverityNumberDEBUG2 = plog.SeverityNumberDEBUG2

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.SeverityNumberDEBUG3 instead.
	SeverityNumberDEBUG3 = plog.SeverityNumberDEBUG3

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.SeverityNumberDEBUG4 instead.
	SeverityNumberDEBUG4 = plog.SeverityNumberDEBUG4

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.SeverityNumberINFO instead.
	SeverityNumberINFO = plog.SeverityNumberINFO

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.SeverityNumberINFO2 instead.
	SeverityNumberINFO2 = plog.SeverityNumberINFO2

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.SeverityNumberINFO3 instead.
	SeverityNumberINFO3 = plog.SeverityNumberINFO3

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.SeverityNumberINFO4 instead.
	SeverityNumberINFO4 = plog.SeverityNumberINFO4

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.SeverityNumberWARN instead.
	SeverityNumberWARN = plog.SeverityNumberWARN

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.SeverityNumberWARN2 instead.
	SeverityNumberWARN2 = plog.SeverityNumberWARN2

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.SeverityNumberWARN3 instead.
	SeverityNumberWARN3 = plog.SeverityNumberWARN3

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.SeverityNumberWARN4 instead.
	SeverityNumberWARN4 = plog.SeverityNumberWARN4

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.SeverityNumberERROR instead.
	SeverityNumberERROR = plog.SeverityNumberERROR

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.SeverityNumberERROR2 instead.
	SeverityNumberERROR2 = plog.SeverityNumberERROR2

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.SeverityNumberERROR3 instead.
	SeverityNumberERROR3 = plog.SeverityNumberERROR3

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.SeverityNumberERROR4 instead.
	SeverityNumberERROR4 = plog.SeverityNumberERROR4

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.SeverityNumberFATAL instead.
	SeverityNumberFATAL = plog.SeverityNumberFATAL

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.SeverityNumberFATAL2 instead.
	SeverityNumberFATAL2 = plog.SeverityNumberFATAL2

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.SeverityNumberFATAL3 instead.
	SeverityNumberFATAL3 = plog.SeverityNumberFATAL3

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.SeverityNumberFATAL4 instead.
	SeverityNumberFATAL4 = plog.SeverityNumberFATAL4
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const (

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.MetricDataTypeNone instead.
	MetricDataTypeNone = pmetric.MetricDataTypeNone

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.MetricDataTypeGauge instead.
	MetricDataTypeGauge = pmetric.MetricDataTypeGauge

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.MetricDataTypeSum instead.
	MetricDataTypeSum = pmetric.MetricDataTypeSum

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.MetricDataTypeHistogram instead.
	MetricDataTypeHistogram = pmetric.MetricDataTypeHistogram

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.MetricDataTypeExponentialHistogram instead.
	MetricDataTypeExponentialHistogram = pmetric.MetricDataTypeExponentialHistogram

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.MetricDataTypeSummary instead.
	MetricDataTypeSummary = pmetric.MetricDataTypeSummary
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const (

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.MetricAggregationTemporalityUnspecified instead.
	MetricAggregationTemporalityUnspecified = pmetric.MetricAggregationTemporalityUnspecified

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.MetricAggregationTemporalityDelta instead.
	MetricAggregationTemporalityDelta = pmetric.MetricAggregationTemporalityDelta

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.MetricAggregationTemporalityCumulative instead.
	MetricAggregationTemporalityCumulative = pmetric.MetricAggregationTemporalityCumulative
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const (

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.MetricValueTypeNone instead.
	MetricValueTypeNone = pmetric.MetricValueTypeNone //nolint:staticcheck

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.MetricValueTypeInt instead.
	MetricValueTypeInt = pmetric.MetricValueTypeInt //nolint:staticcheck

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.MetricValueTypeDouble instead.
	MetricValueTypeDouble = pmetric.MetricValueTypeDouble //nolint:staticcheck
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const (

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use ptrace.SpanKindUnspecified instead.
	SpanKindUnspecified = ptrace.SpanKindUnspecified

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use ptrace.SpanKindInternal instead.
	SpanKindInternal = ptrace.SpanKindInternal

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use ptrace.SpanKindServer instead.
	SpanKindServer = ptrace.SpanKindServer

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use ptrace.SpanKindClient instead.
	SpanKindClient = ptrace.SpanKindClient

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use ptrace.SpanKindProducer instead.
	SpanKindProducer = ptrace.SpanKindProducer

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use ptrace.SpanKindConsumer instead.
	SpanKindConsumer = ptrace.SpanKindConsumer
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const (

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use ptrace.StatusCodeUnset instead.
	StatusCodeUnset = ptrace.StatusCodeUnset

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use ptrace.StatusCodeOk instead.
	StatusCodeOk = ptrace.StatusCodeOk

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use ptrace.StatusCodeError instead.
	StatusCodeError = ptrace.StatusCodeError
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const (
	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.MetricDataPointFlagNoRecordedValue instead.
	MetricDataPointFlagNoRecordedValue = pmetric.MetricDataPointFlagNoRecordedValue
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const (
	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.MetricDataPointFlagsNone instead.
	MetricDataPointFlagsNone = pmetric.MetricDataPointFlagsNone
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const (
	TraceStateEmpty = ptrace.TraceStateEmpty


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var (

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pcommon.NewValueEmpty instead.
	NewValueEmpty = pcommon.NewValueEmpty

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pcommon.NewValueString instead.
	NewValueString = pcommon.NewValueString

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pcommon.NewValueInt instead.
	NewValueInt = pcommon.NewValueInt

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pcommon.NewValueDouble instead.
	NewValueDouble = pcommon.NewValueDouble

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pcommon.NewValueBool instead.
	NewValueBool = pcommon.NewValueBool

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pcommon.NewValueMap instead.
	NewValueMap = pcommon.NewValueMap

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pcommon.NewValueSlice instead.
	NewValueSlice = pcommon.NewValueSlice

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pcommon.NewValueBytes instead.
	NewValueBytes = pcommon.NewValueBytes

Aliases for functions to create pcommon.Value.

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var (
	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pcommon.NewMap instead.
	NewMap = pcommon.NewMap

	// Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pcommon.NewMapFromRaw instead.
	NewMapFromRaw = pcommon.NewMapFromRaw

Aliases for functions to create pcommon.Map.

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var InvalidSpanID = pcommon.InvalidSpanID

InvalidSpanID is an alias for pcommon.InvalidSpanID function. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pcommon.InvalidSpanID instead.

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var InvalidTraceID = pcommon.InvalidTraceID

InvalidTraceID is an alias for pcommon.InvalidTraceID function. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pcommon.InvalidTraceID instead.

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var NewBuckets = pmetric.NewBuckets

NewBuckets is an alias for a function to create a new empty Buckets. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.Buckets instead.

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var NewExemplar = pmetric.NewExemplar

NewExemplar is an alias for a function to create a new empty Exemplar. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.Exemplar instead.

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var NewExemplarSlice = pmetric.NewExemplarSlice

NewExemplarSlice is an alias for a function to create ExemplarSlice. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.NewExemplarSlice instead.

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var NewExponentialHistogram = pmetric.NewExponentialHistogram

NewExponentialHistogram is an alias for a function to create a new empty ExponentialHistogram. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.ExponentialHistogram instead.

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var NewExponentialHistogramDataPoint = pmetric.NewExponentialHistogramDataPoint

NewExponentialHistogramDataPoint is an alias for a function to create a new empty ExponentialHistogramDataPoint. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.ExponentialHistogramDataPoint instead.

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var NewExponentialHistogramDataPointSlice = pmetric.NewExponentialHistogramDataPointSlice

NewExponentialHistogramDataPointSlice is an alias for a function to create ExponentialHistogramDataPointSlice. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.NewExponentialHistogramDataPointSlice instead.

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var NewGauge = pmetric.NewGauge

NewGauge is an alias for a function to create a new empty Gauge. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.Gauge instead.

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var NewHistogram = pmetric.NewHistogram

NewHistogram is an alias for a function to create a new empty Histogram. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.Histogram instead.

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var NewHistogramDataPoint = pmetric.NewHistogramDataPoint

NewHistogramDataPoint is an alias for a function to create a new empty HistogramDataPoint. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.HistogramDataPoint instead.

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var NewHistogramDataPointSlice = pmetric.NewHistogramDataPointSlice

NewHistogramDataPointSlice is an alias for a function to create HistogramDataPointSlice. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.NewHistogramDataPointSlice instead.

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var NewInstrumentationScope = pcommon.NewInstrumentationScope

NewInstrumentationScope is an alias for a function to create a new empty InstrumentationScope. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pcommon.InstrumentationScope instead.

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var NewLogRecord = plog.NewLogRecord

NewLogRecord is an alias for a function to create a new empty LogRecord. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.LogRecord instead.

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var NewLogRecordSlice = plog.NewLogRecordSlice

NewLogRecordSlice is an alias for a function to create LogRecordSlice. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.NewLogRecordSlice instead.

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var NewLogs = plog.NewLogs

NewLogs is an alias for a function to create new Logs. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.NewLogs instead.

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var NewMetric = pmetric.NewMetric

NewMetric is an alias for a function to create a new empty Metric. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.Metric instead.

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var NewMetricDataPointFlags = pmetric.NewMetricDataPointFlags

NewMetricDataPointFlags is an alias for a function to create new MetricDataPointFlags. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.NewMetricDataPointFlags instead.

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var NewMetricSlice = pmetric.NewMetricSlice

NewMetricSlice is an alias for a function to create MetricSlice. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.NewMetricSlice instead.

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var NewMetrics = pmetric.NewMetrics

NewMetrics is an alias for a function to create new Metrics. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.NewMetrics instead.

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var NewNumberDataPoint = pmetric.NewNumberDataPoint

NewNumberDataPoint is an alias for a function to create a new empty NumberDataPoint. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.NumberDataPoint instead.

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var NewNumberDataPointSlice = pmetric.NewNumberDataPointSlice

NewNumberDataPointSlice is an alias for a function to create NumberDataPointSlice. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.NewNumberDataPointSlice instead.

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var NewResource = pcommon.NewResource

NewResource is an alias for a function to create a new empty Resource. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pcommon.Resource instead.

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var NewResourceLogs = plog.NewResourceLogs

NewResourceLogs is an alias for a function to create a new empty ResourceLogs. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.ResourceLogs instead.

View Source
var NewResourceLogsSlice = plog.NewResourceLogsSlice

NewResourceLogsSlice is an alias for a function to create ResourceLogsSlice. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.NewResourceLogsSlice instead.

View Source
var NewResourceMetrics = pmetric.NewResourceMetrics

NewResourceMetrics is an alias for a function to create a new empty ResourceMetrics. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.ResourceMetrics instead.

View Source
var NewResourceMetricsSlice = pmetric.NewResourceMetricsSlice

NewResourceMetricsSlice is an alias for a function to create ResourceMetricsSlice. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.NewResourceMetricsSlice instead.

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var NewResourceSpans = ptrace.NewResourceSpans

NewResourceSpans is an alias for a function to create a new empty ResourceSpans. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use ptrace.ResourceSpans instead.

View Source
var NewResourceSpansSlice = ptrace.NewResourceSpansSlice

NewResourceSpansSlice is an alias for a function to create ResourceSpansSlice. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use ptrace.NewResourceSpansSlice instead.

View Source
var NewScopeLogs = plog.NewScopeLogs

NewScopeLogs is an alias for a function to create a new empty ScopeLogs. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.ScopeLogs instead.

View Source
var NewScopeLogsSlice = plog.NewScopeLogsSlice

NewScopeLogsSlice is an alias for a function to create ScopeLogsSlice. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.NewScopeLogsSlice instead.

View Source
var NewScopeMetrics = pmetric.NewScopeMetrics

NewScopeMetrics is an alias for a function to create a new empty ScopeMetrics. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.ScopeMetrics instead.

View Source
var NewScopeMetricsSlice = pmetric.NewScopeMetricsSlice

NewScopeMetricsSlice is an alias for a function to create ScopeMetricsSlice. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.NewScopeMetricsSlice instead.

View Source
var NewScopeSpans = ptrace.NewScopeSpans

NewScopeSpans is an alias for a function to create a new empty ScopeSpans. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use ptrace.ScopeSpans instead.

View Source
var NewScopeSpansSlice = ptrace.NewScopeSpansSlice

NewScopeSpansSlice is an alias for a function to create ScopeSpansSlice. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use ptrace.NewScopeSpansSlice instead.

View Source
var NewSlice = pcommon.NewSlice

NewSlice is an alias for a function to create Slice. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pcommon.NewSlice instead.

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var NewSpan = ptrace.NewSpan

NewSpan is an alias for a function to create a new empty Span. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use ptrace.Span instead.

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var NewSpanEvent = ptrace.NewSpanEvent

NewSpanEvent is an alias for a function to create a new empty SpanEvent. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use ptrace.SpanEvent instead.

View Source
var NewSpanEventSlice = ptrace.NewSpanEventSlice

NewSpanEventSlice is an alias for a function to create SpanEventSlice. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use ptrace.NewSpanEventSlice instead.

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var NewSpanID = pcommon.NewSpanID

NewSpanID is an alias for a function to create new SpanID. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pcommon.NewSpanID instead.

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var NewSpanLink = ptrace.NewSpanLink

NewSpanLink is an alias for a function to create a new empty SpanLink. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use ptrace.SpanLink instead.

View Source
var NewSpanLinkSlice = ptrace.NewSpanLinkSlice

NewSpanLinkSlice is an alias for a function to create SpanLinkSlice. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use ptrace.NewSpanLinkSlice instead.

View Source
var NewSpanSlice = ptrace.NewSpanSlice

NewSpanSlice is an alias for a function to create SpanSlice. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use ptrace.NewSpanSlice instead.

View Source
var NewSpanStatus = ptrace.NewSpanStatus

NewSpanStatus is an alias for a function to create a new empty SpanStatus. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use ptrace.SpanStatus instead.

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var NewSum = pmetric.NewSum

NewSum is an alias for a function to create a new empty Sum. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.Sum instead.

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var NewSummary = pmetric.NewSummary

NewSummary is an alias for a function to create a new empty Summary. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.Summary instead.

View Source
var NewSummaryDataPoint = pmetric.NewSummaryDataPoint

NewSummaryDataPoint is an alias for a function to create a new empty SummaryDataPoint. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.SummaryDataPoint instead.

View Source
var NewSummaryDataPointSlice = pmetric.NewSummaryDataPointSlice

NewSummaryDataPointSlice is an alias for a function to create SummaryDataPointSlice. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.NewSummaryDataPointSlice instead.

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var NewTimestampFromTime = pcommon.NewTimestampFromTime

NewTimestampFromTime is an alias for pcommon.NewTimestampFromTime function. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pcommon.NewTimestampFromTime instead.

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var NewTraceID = pcommon.NewTraceID

NewTraceID is an alias for a function to create new TraceID. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pcommon.NewTraceID instead.

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var NewTraces = ptrace.NewTraces

NewTraces is an alias for a function to create new Traces. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use ptrace.NewTraces instead.

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var NewValueAtQuantile = pmetric.NewValueAtQuantile

NewValueAtQuantile is an alias for a function to create a new empty ValueAtQuantile. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.ValueAtQuantile instead.

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var NewValueAtQuantileSlice = pmetric.NewValueAtQuantileSlice

NewValueAtQuantileSlice is an alias for a function to create ValueAtQuantileSlice. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.NewValueAtQuantileSlice instead.


This section is empty.


type Buckets added in v0.38.0

type Buckets = pmetric.Buckets

Buckets is an alias for pmetric.Buckets struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.Buckets instead.

type Exemplar

type Exemplar = pmetric.Exemplar

Exemplar is an alias for pmetric.Exemplar struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.Exemplar instead.

type ExemplarSlice

type ExemplarSlice = pmetric.ExemplarSlice

ExemplarSlice is an alias for pmetric.ExemplarSlice struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.ExemplarSlice instead.

type ExponentialHistogram added in v0.38.0

type ExponentialHistogram = pmetric.ExponentialHistogram

ExponentialHistogram is an alias for pmetric.ExponentialHistogram struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.ExponentialHistogram instead.

type ExponentialHistogramDataPoint added in v0.38.0

type ExponentialHistogramDataPoint = pmetric.ExponentialHistogramDataPoint

ExponentialHistogramDataPoint is an alias for pmetric.ExponentialHistogramDataPoint struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.ExponentialHistogramDataPoint instead.

type ExponentialHistogramDataPointSlice added in v0.38.0

type ExponentialHistogramDataPointSlice = pmetric.ExponentialHistogramDataPointSlice

ExponentialHistogramDataPointSlice is an alias for pmetric.ExponentialHistogramDataPointSlice struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.ExponentialHistogramDataPointSlice instead.

type Gauge

type Gauge = pmetric.Gauge

Gauge is an alias for pmetric.Gauge struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.Gauge instead.

type Histogram

type Histogram = pmetric.Histogram

Histogram is an alias for pmetric.Histogram struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.Histogram instead.

type HistogramDataPoint

type HistogramDataPoint = pmetric.HistogramDataPoint

HistogramDataPoint is an alias for pmetric.HistogramDataPoint struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.HistogramDataPoint instead.

type HistogramDataPointSlice

type HistogramDataPointSlice = pmetric.HistogramDataPointSlice

HistogramDataPointSlice is an alias for pmetric.HistogramDataPointSlice struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.HistogramDataPointSlice instead.

type InstrumentationScope added in v0.48.0

type InstrumentationScope = pcommon.InstrumentationScope

InstrumentationScope is an alias for pcommon.InstrumentationScope struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pcommon.InstrumentationScope instead.

type LogRecord

type LogRecord = plog.LogRecord

LogRecord is an alias for plog.LogRecord struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.LogRecord instead.

type LogRecordSlice added in v0.44.0

type LogRecordSlice = plog.LogRecordSlice

LogRecordSlice is an alias for plog.LogRecordSlice struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.LogRecordSlice instead.

type Logs

type Logs = plog.Logs

Logs is an alias for plog.Logs struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.Logs instead.

type LogsMarshaler

type LogsMarshaler = plog.Marshaler

LogsMarshaler is an alias for plog.Marshaler interface. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.Marshaler instead.

type LogsSizer added in v0.33.0

type LogsSizer = plog.Sizer

LogsSizer is an alias for plog.Sizer interface. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.Sizer instead.

type LogsUnmarshaler

type LogsUnmarshaler = plog.Unmarshaler

LogsUnmarshaler is an alias for plog.Unmarshaler interface. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.Unmarshaler instead.

type Map added in v0.48.0

type Map = pcommon.Map

Map is an alias for pcommon.Map struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pcommon.Map instead.

type Metric

type Metric = pmetric.Metric

Metric is an alias for pmetric.Metric struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.Metric instead.

type MetricAggregationTemporality added in v0.37.0

type MetricAggregationTemporality = pmetric.MetricAggregationTemporality

MetricAggregationTemporality is an alias for pmetric.MetricAggregationTemporality type. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.MetricAggregationTemporality instead.

type MetricDataPointFlag added in v0.37.0

type MetricDataPointFlag = pmetric.MetricDataPointFlag

MetricDataPointFlag is an alias for pmetric.MetricDataPointFlag type. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.MetricDataPointFlag instead.

type MetricDataPointFlags added in v0.37.0

type MetricDataPointFlags = pmetric.MetricDataPointFlags

MetricDataPointFlags is an alias for pmetric.MetricDataPointFlags type. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.MetricDataPointFlags instead.

type MetricDataType

type MetricDataType = pmetric.MetricDataType

MetricDataType is an alias for pmetric.MetricDataType type. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.MetricDataType instead.

type MetricSlice

type MetricSlice = pmetric.MetricSlice

MetricSlice is an alias for pmetric.MetricSlice struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.MetricSlice instead.

type MetricValueType added in v0.31.0

type MetricValueType = pmetric.MetricValueType //nolint:staticcheck

MetricValueType is an alias for pmetric.MetricValueType type. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.MetricValueType instead.

type Metrics

type Metrics = pmetric.Metrics

Metrics is an alias for pmetric.Metrics structure. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.Metrics instead.

type MetricsMarshaler

type MetricsMarshaler = pmetric.Marshaler

MetricsMarshaler is an alias for pmetric.Marshaler interface. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.Marshaler instead.

type MetricsSizer added in v0.33.0

type MetricsSizer = pmetric.Sizer

MetricsSizer is an alias for pmetric.Sizer interface. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.Sizer instead.

type MetricsUnmarshaler

type MetricsUnmarshaler = pmetric.Unmarshaler

MetricsUnmarshaler is an alias for pmetric.Unmarshaler interface. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.Unmarshaler instead.

type NumberDataPoint added in v0.31.0

type NumberDataPoint = pmetric.NumberDataPoint

NumberDataPoint is an alias for pmetric.NumberDataPoint struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.NumberDataPoint instead.

type NumberDataPointSlice added in v0.31.0

type NumberDataPointSlice = pmetric.NumberDataPointSlice

NumberDataPointSlice is an alias for pmetric.NumberDataPointSlice struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.NumberDataPointSlice instead.

type Resource

type Resource = pcommon.Resource

Resource is an alias for pcommon.Resource struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pcommon.Resource instead.

type ResourceLogs

type ResourceLogs = plog.ResourceLogs

ResourceLogs is an alias for plog.ResourceLogs struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.ResourceLogs instead.

type ResourceLogsSlice

type ResourceLogsSlice = plog.ResourceLogsSlice

ResourceLogsSlice is an alias for plog.ResourceLogsSlice struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.ResourceLogsSlice instead.

type ResourceMetrics

type ResourceMetrics = pmetric.ResourceMetrics

ResourceMetrics is an alias for pmetric.ResourceMetrics struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.ResourceMetrics instead.

type ResourceMetricsSlice

type ResourceMetricsSlice = pmetric.ResourceMetricsSlice

ResourceMetricsSlice is an alias for pmetric.ResourceMetricsSlice struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.ResourceMetricsSlice instead.

type ResourceSpans

type ResourceSpans = ptrace.ResourceSpans

ResourceSpans is an alias for ptrace.ResourceSpans struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use ptrace.ResourceSpans instead.

type ResourceSpansSlice

type ResourceSpansSlice = ptrace.ResourceSpansSlice

ResourceSpansSlice is an alias for ptrace.ResourceSpansSlice struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use ptrace.ResourceSpansSlice instead.

type ScopeLogs added in v0.48.0

type ScopeLogs = plog.ScopeLogs

ScopeLogs is an alias for plog.ScopeLogs struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.ScopeLogs instead.

type ScopeLogsSlice added in v0.48.0

type ScopeLogsSlice = plog.ScopeLogsSlice

ScopeLogsSlice is an alias for plog.ScopeLogsSlice struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.ScopeLogsSlice instead.

type ScopeMetrics added in v0.48.0

type ScopeMetrics = pmetric.ScopeMetrics

ScopeMetrics is an alias for pmetric.ScopeMetrics struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.ScopeMetrics instead.

type ScopeMetricsSlice added in v0.48.0

type ScopeMetricsSlice = pmetric.ScopeMetricsSlice

ScopeMetricsSlice is an alias for pmetric.ScopeMetricsSlice struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.ScopeMetricsSlice instead.

type ScopeSpans added in v0.48.0

type ScopeSpans = ptrace.ScopeSpans

ScopeSpans is an alias for ptrace.ScopeSpans struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use ptrace.ScopeSpans instead.

type ScopeSpansSlice added in v0.48.0

type ScopeSpansSlice = ptrace.ScopeSpansSlice

ScopeSpansSlice is an alias for ptrace.ScopeSpansSlice struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use ptrace.ScopeSpansSlice instead.

type SeverityNumber

type SeverityNumber = plog.SeverityNumber

SeverityNumber is an alias for plog.SeverityNumber type. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use plog.SeverityNumber instead.

type Slice added in v0.48.0

type Slice = pcommon.Slice

Slice is an alias for pcommon.Slice struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pcommon.Slice instead.

type Span

type Span = ptrace.Span

Span is an alias for ptrace.Span struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use ptrace.Span instead.

type SpanEvent

type SpanEvent = ptrace.SpanEvent

SpanEvent is an alias for ptrace.SpanEvent struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use ptrace.SpanEvent instead.

type SpanEventSlice

type SpanEventSlice = ptrace.SpanEventSlice

SpanEventSlice is an alias for ptrace.SpanEventSlice struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use ptrace.SpanEventSlice instead.

type SpanID

type SpanID = pcommon.SpanID

SpanID is an alias for pcommon.SpanID struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pcommon.SpanID instead.

type SpanKind

type SpanKind = ptrace.SpanKind

SpanKind is an alias for ptrace.SpanKind type. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use ptrace.SpanKind instead.

type SpanLink = ptrace.SpanLink

SpanLink is an alias for ptrace.SpanLink struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use ptrace.SpanLink instead.

type SpanLinkSlice

type SpanLinkSlice = ptrace.SpanLinkSlice

SpanLinkSlice is an alias for ptrace.SpanLinkSlice struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use ptrace.SpanLinkSlice instead.

type SpanSlice

type SpanSlice = ptrace.SpanSlice

SpanSlice is an alias for ptrace.SpanSlice struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use ptrace.SpanSlice instead.

type SpanStatus

type SpanStatus = ptrace.SpanStatus

SpanStatus is an alias for ptrace.SpanStatus struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use ptrace.SpanStatus instead.

type StatusCode

type StatusCode = ptrace.StatusCode

StatusCode is an alias for ptrace.StatusCode type. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use ptrace.StatusCode instead.

type Sum

type Sum = pmetric.Sum

Sum is an alias for pmetric.Sum struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.Sum instead.

type Summary

type Summary = pmetric.Summary

Summary is an alias for pmetric.Summary struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.Summary instead.

type SummaryDataPoint

type SummaryDataPoint = pmetric.SummaryDataPoint

SummaryDataPoint is an alias for pmetric.SummaryDataPoint struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.SummaryDataPoint instead.

type SummaryDataPointSlice

type SummaryDataPointSlice = pmetric.SummaryDataPointSlice

SummaryDataPointSlice is an alias for pmetric.SummaryDataPointSlice struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.SummaryDataPointSlice instead.

type Timestamp

type Timestamp = pcommon.Timestamp

Timestamp is a an alias for pcommon.Timestamp. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pcommon.Timestamp instead.

type TraceID

type TraceID = pcommon.TraceID

TraceID is an alias for pcommon.TraceID struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pcommon.TraceID instead.

type TraceState

type TraceState = ptrace.TraceState

TraceState is an alias for ptrace.TraceState type. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use ptrace.TraceState instead.

type Traces

type Traces = ptrace.Traces

Traces is an alias for ptrace.Traces struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use ptrace.Traces instead.

type TracesMarshaler

type TracesMarshaler = ptrace.Marshaler

TracesMarshaler is an alias for ptrace.Marshaler interface. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use ptrace.Marshaler instead.

type TracesSizer added in v0.33.0

type TracesSizer = ptrace.Sizer

TracesSizer is an alias for ptrace.Sizer interface. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use ptrace.Sizer instead.

type TracesUnmarshaler

type TracesUnmarshaler = ptrace.Unmarshaler

TracesUnmarshaler is an alias for ptrace.Unmarshaler interface. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use ptrace.Unmarshaler instead.

type Value added in v0.48.0

type Value = pcommon.Value

Value is an alias for pcommon.Value struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pcommon.Value instead.

type ValueAtQuantile

type ValueAtQuantile = pmetric.ValueAtQuantile

ValueAtQuantile is an alias for pmetric.ValueAtQuantile struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.ValueAtQuantile instead.

type ValueAtQuantileSlice

type ValueAtQuantileSlice = pmetric.ValueAtQuantileSlice

ValueAtQuantileSlice is an alias for pmetric.ValueAtQuantileSlice struct. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pmetric.ValueAtQuantileSlice instead.

type ValueType added in v0.48.0

type ValueType = pcommon.ValueType

ValueType is an alias for pcommon.ValueType type. Deprecated: [v0.49.0] Use pcommon.ValueType instead.

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