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Published: Mar 20, 2023 License: Apache-2.0


Semantic Convention Constants

This package contains constants representing the OpenTelemetry semantic conventions. They are automatically generated from definitions in the specification.


To generate the constants you can use the gensemconv make target. You must provide the path to the root of a clone of the opentelemetry-specification repository in the SPECPATH variable and the version of the conventions to generate in the SPECTAG variable.

$ make gensemconv SPECPATH=~/dev/opentelemetry-specification SPECTAG=v1.5.0
Generating semantic convention constants from specification version v1.5.0 at ~/dev/opentelemetry-specification
semconvgen -o semconv/v1.5.0 -t semconv/template.j2 -s v1.5.0 -i ~/dev/opentelemetry-specification/semantic_conventions/resource -p conventionType=resource
semconvgen -o semconv/v1.5.0 -t semconv/template.j2 -s v1.5.0 -i ~/dev/opentelemetry-specification/semantic_conventions/trace -p conventionType=trace

When generating the constants for a new version ot the specification it is important to note that only generated_trace.go and generated_resource.go are generated automatically. The schema.go and nonstandard.go files should be copied from a prior version's package and updated as appropriate. Most important will be to update the SchemaURL constant in schema.go.


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