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Published: Jun 16, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


Package service handles the command-line, configuration, and runs the OpenTelemetry Collector.



var (
	// AppTelemetry is application's own telemetry.
	AppTelemetry = &appTelemetry{}

func FileLoaderConfigFactory

func FileLoaderConfigFactory(v *viper.Viper, factories config.Factories) (*configmodels.Config, error)

FileLoaderConfigFactory implements ConfigFactory and it creates configuration from file.

type Application

type Application struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Application represents a collector application

func New

func New(params Parameters) (*Application, error)

New creates and returns a new instance of Application.

func (*Application) Command

func (app *Application) Command() *cobra.Command

Command returns Application's root command.

func (*Application) GetExporters

func (app *Application) GetExporters() map[configmodels.DataType]map[configmodels.Exporter]component.Exporter

func (*Application) GetExtensions

func (app *Application) GetExtensions() map[configmodels.Extension]component.ServiceExtension

func (*Application) GetFactory

func (app *Application) GetFactory(kind component.Kind, componentType configmodels.Type) component.Factory

func (*Application) GetLogger

func (app *Application) GetLogger() *zap.Logger

GetLogger returns logger used by the Application. The logger is initialized after application start.

func (*Application) GetStateChannel

func (app *Application) GetStateChannel() chan State

GetStateChannel returns state channel of the application.

func (*Application) RegisterZPages

func (app *Application) RegisterZPages(mux *http.ServeMux, pathPrefix string)

func (*Application) ReportFatalError

func (app *Application) ReportFatalError(err error)

ReportFatalError is used to report to the host that the receiver encountered a fatal error (i.e.: an error that the instance can't recover from) after its start function has already returned.

func (*Application) Start

func (app *Application) Start() error

Start starts the collector according to the command and configuration given by the user.

type ApplicationStartInfo

type ApplicationStartInfo struct {
	// Executable file name, e.g. "otelcol".
	ExeName string

	// Long name, used e.g. in the logs.
	LongName string

	// Version string.
	Version string

	// Git hash of the source code.
	GitHash string

ApplicationStartInfo is the information that is logged at the application start. This information can be overridden in custom builds.

type ConfigFactory

type ConfigFactory func(v *viper.Viper, factories config.Factories) (*configmodels.Config, error)

ConfigFactory creates config.

type Parameters

type Parameters struct {
	// Factories component factories.
	Factories config.Factories
	// ApplicationStartInfo provides application start information.
	ApplicationStartInfo ApplicationStartInfo
	// ConfigFactory that creates the configuration.
	// If it is not provided the default factory (FileLoaderConfigFactory) is used.
	// The default factory loads the configuration specified as a command line flag.
	ConfigFactory ConfigFactory

Parameters holds configuration for creating a new Application.

type State

type State int

State defines Application's state.

const (
	Starting State = iota

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