Package service handles the command-line, configuration, and runs the OpenTelemetry Collector.



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func FileLoaderConfigFactory

func FileLoaderConfigFactory(v *viper.Viper, factories component.Factories) (*configmodels.Config, error)

FileLoaderConfigFactory implements ConfigFactory and it creates configuration from file.


type Application

type Application struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Application represents a collector application

func New

func New(params Parameters) (*Application, error)

New creates and returns a new instance of Application.

func (*Application) Command

func (app *Application) Command() *cobra.Command

Command returns Application's root command.

func (*Application) GetExporters

func (app *Application) GetExporters() map[configmodels.DataType]map[configmodels.Exporter]component.Exporter

func (*Application) GetExtensions

func (app *Application) GetExtensions() map[configmodels.Extension]component.ServiceExtension

func (*Application) GetFactory

func (app *Application) GetFactory(kind component.Kind, componentType configmodels.Type) component.Factory

func (*Application) GetLogger

func (app *Application) GetLogger() *zap.Logger

GetLogger returns logger used by the Application. The logger is initialized after application start.

func (*Application) GetStateChannel

func (app *Application) GetStateChannel() chan State

GetStateChannel returns state channel of the application.

func (*Application) RegisterZPages

func (app *Application) RegisterZPages(mux *http.ServeMux, pathPrefix string)

func (*Application) ReportFatalError

func (app *Application) ReportFatalError(err error)

ReportFatalError is used to report to the host that the receiver encountered a fatal error (i.e.: an error that the instance can't recover from) after its start function has already returned.

func (*Application) Run

func (app *Application) Run() error

Run starts the collector according to the command and configuration given by the user, and waits for it to complete.

func (*Application) SignalTestComplete

func (app *Application) SignalTestComplete()

type ConfigFactory

type ConfigFactory func(v *viper.Viper, factories component.Factories) (*configmodels.Config, error)

ConfigFactory creates config.

type Parameters

type Parameters struct {
	// Factories component factories.
	Factories component.Factories
	// ApplicationStartInfo provides application start information.
	ApplicationStartInfo component.ApplicationStartInfo
	// ConfigFactory that creates the configuration.
	// If it is not provided the default factory (FileLoaderConfigFactory) is used.
	// The default factory loads the configuration specified as a command line flag.
	ConfigFactory ConfigFactory
	// LoggingHooks provides a way to supply a hook into logging events
	LoggingHooks []func(zapcore.Entry) error

Parameters holds configuration for creating a new Application.

type State

type State int

State defines Application's state.

const (
	Starting State = iota


Path Synopsis
builder Package builder handles the options to build the OpenTelemetry collector pipeline.
defaultcomponents Package defaultcomponents composes the default set of components used by the otel service