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func Flags

func Flags(flags *flag.FlagSet)

Flags adds flags related to basic configuration's parser loader to the flags.


type Closeable

type Closeable interface {
	Close(ctx context.Context) error

Closeable is an extension interface for ParserProvider that should be added if they need to be closed.

type ParserProvider

type ParserProvider interface {
	// Get returns the config.Parser if succeed or error otherwise.
	Get() (*config.Parser, error)

ParserProvider is an interface that helps providing configuration's parser. Implementations may load the parser from a file, a database or any other source.

func Default

func Default() ParserProvider

Default is the default ParserProvider and it creates configuration from a file defined by the --config command line flag and overwrites properties from --set command line flag (if the flag is present).

func NewFile

func NewFile() ParserProvider

NewFile returns a new ParserProvider that reads the configuration from a file configured via the --config command line flag.

func NewInMemory

func NewInMemory(buf io.Reader) ParserProvider

NewInMemory returns a new ParserProvider that reads the configuration from the provided buffer as YAML.

func NewSetFlag

func NewSetFlag(base ParserProvider) ParserProvider

NewSetFlag returns a config.ParserProvider, that wraps a "base" config.ParserProvider, then overrides properties from set flag(s) in the loaded Parser.

The implementation reads set flag(s) from the cmd and concatenates them as a "properties" file. Then the properties file is read and properties are set to the loaded Parser.

type Watchable

type Watchable interface {
	// WatchForUpdate is used to monitor for updates on the retrieved value.
	WatchForUpdate() error

Watchable is an extension for ParserProvider that is implemented if the given provider supports monitoring for configuration updates.