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Package sharedcomponent exposes util functionality for receivers and exporters that need to share state between different signal types instances such as net.Listener or os.File.



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type SharedComponent

type SharedComponent struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

SharedComponent ensures that the wrapped component is started and stopped only once. When stopped it is removed from the SharedComponents map.

func (*SharedComponent) Shutdown

func (r *SharedComponent) Shutdown(ctx context.Context) error

Shutdown implements component.Component.

func (*SharedComponent) Start

func (r *SharedComponent) Start(ctx context.Context, host component.Host) error

Start implements component.Component.

func (*SharedComponent) Unwrap

func (r *SharedComponent) Unwrap() component.Component

Unwrap returns the original component.

type SharedComponents

type SharedComponents struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

SharedComponents a map that keeps reference of all created instances for a given configuration, and ensures that the shared state is started and stopped only once.

func NewSharedComponents

func NewSharedComponents() *SharedComponents

NewSharedComponents returns a new empty SharedComponents.

func (*SharedComponents) GetOrAdd

func (scs *SharedComponents) GetOrAdd(key interface{}, create func() component.Component) *SharedComponent

GetOrAdd returns the already created instance if exists, otherwise creates a new instance and adds it to the map of references.

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