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type MapProvider added in v0.37.0

type MapProvider interface {
	// Get returns the config.Map if succeed or error otherwise.
	Get(ctx context.Context) (*config.Map, error)

	// Close signals that the configuration for which it was used to retrieve values is no longer in use
	// and the object should close and release any watchers that it may have created.
	// This method must be called when the service ends, either in case of success or error.
	Close(ctx context.Context) error

MapProvider is an interface that helps providing configuration's parser. Implementations may load the parser from a file, a database or any other source.

func NewDefaultMapProvider added in v0.37.0

func NewDefaultMapProvider(configFileName string, properties []string) MapProvider

NewDefaultMapProvider returns the default MapProvider, and it creates configuration from a file defined by the given configFile and overwrites fields using properties.

func NewExpandMapProvider added in v0.37.0

func NewExpandMapProvider(base MapProvider) MapProvider

NewExpandMapProvider returns a MapProvider, that expands all environment variables for a config.Map provided by the given MapProvider.

func NewFileMapProvider added in v0.37.0

func NewFileMapProvider(fileName string) MapProvider

NewFileMapProvider returns a new MapProvider that reads the configuration from the given file.

func NewInMemoryMapProvider added in v0.37.0

func NewInMemoryMapProvider(buf io.Reader) MapProvider

NewInMemoryMapProvider returns a new MapProvider that reads the configuration, from the provided buffer, as YAML.

func NewMergeMapProvider added in v0.37.0

func NewMergeMapProvider(ps ...MapProvider) MapProvider

NewMergeMapProvider returns a config.MapProvider, that merges the result from multiple MapProvider.

The ConfigMaps are merged in the given order, by merging all of them in order into an initial empty map.

func NewPropertiesMapProvider added in v0.37.0

func NewPropertiesMapProvider(properties []string) MapProvider

NewPropertiesMapProvider returns a MapProvider, that provides a config.Map from the given properties.

Properties must follow the Java properties format, key-value list separated by equal sign with a "." as key delimiter.

["processors.batch.timeout=2s", "processors.batch/foo.timeout=3s"]

type Watchable

type Watchable interface {
	// WatchForUpdate waits for updates on any of the values retrieved from config sources.
	// It blocks until configuration updates are received and can
	// return an error if anything fails. WatchForUpdate is used once during the
	// first evaluation of the configuration and is not used to watch configuration
	// changes continuously.
	WatchForUpdate() error

Watchable is an extension for MapProvider that is implemented if the given provider supports monitoring of configuration updates.

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