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package configgrpc

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Published: Jun 16, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


Package configgrpc defines the gRPC configuration settings.



const (
	CompressionUnsupported = ""
	CompressionGzip        = "gzip"

Compression gRPC keys for supported compression types within collector

func GetGRPCCompressionKey

func GetGRPCCompressionKey(compressionType string) string

GetGRPCCompressionKey returns the grpc registered compression key if the passed in compression key is supported, and CompressionUnsupported otherwise

func GrpcSettingsToDialOptions

func GrpcSettingsToDialOptions(settings GRPCClientSettings) ([]grpc.DialOption, error)

GrpcSettingsToDialOptions maps configgrpc.GRPCClientSettings to a slice of dial options for gRPC

type GRPCClientSettings

type GRPCClientSettings struct {
	// The headers associated with gRPC requests.
	Headers map[string]string `mapstructure:"headers"`

	// The target to which the exporter is going to send traces or metrics,
	// using the gRPC protocol. The valid syntax is described at
	Endpoint string `mapstructure:"endpoint"`

	// The compression key for supported compression types within
	// collector. Currently the only supported mode is `gzip`.
	Compression string `mapstructure:"compression"`

	// TLSSetting struct exposes TLS client configuration.
	TLSSetting configtls.TLSClientSetting `mapstructure:",squash"`

	// The keepalive parameters for client gRPC. See grpc.WithKeepaliveParams
	// (
	KeepaliveParameters *KeepaliveConfig `mapstructure:"keepalive"`

	// WaitForReady parameter configures client to wait for ready state before sending data.
	// (
	WaitForReady bool `mapstructure:"wait_for_ready"`

GRPCClientSettings defines common settings for a gRPC client configuration.

type KeepaliveConfig

type KeepaliveConfig struct {
	Time                time.Duration `mapstructure:"time,omitempty"`
	Timeout             time.Duration `mapstructure:"timeout,omitempty"`
	PermitWithoutStream bool          `mapstructure:"permit_without_stream,omitempty"`

KeepaliveConfig exposes the keepalive.ClientParameters to be used by the exporter. Refer to the original data-structure for the meaning of each parameter.

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