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Published: Jun 16, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


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const (
	DefaultExportResourceLabels = true

Default values for Zipkin endpoint.

func NewTraceExporter

func NewTraceExporter(config configmodels.Exporter) (component.TraceExporterOld, error)

NewTraceExporter creates an zipkin trace exporter.

type Config

type Config struct {
	configmodels.ExporterSettings `mapstructure:",squash"` // squash ensures fields are correctly decoded in embedded struct.

	// The URL to send the Zipkin trace data to (e.g.:
	// http://some.url:9411/api/v2/spans).
	URL    string `mapstructure:"url"`
	Format string `mapstructure:"format"`

	// Whether resource labels from TraceData are to be included in Span. True by default
	// This is a temporary flag and will be removed soon,
	// see
	ExportResourceLabels *bool `mapstructure:"export_resource_labels"`

	DefaultServiceName string `mapstructure:"default_service_name"`

Config defines configuration settings for the Zipkin exporter.

type Factory

type Factory struct {

Factory is the factory for OpenCensus exporter.

func (*Factory) CreateDefaultConfig

func (f *Factory) CreateDefaultConfig() configmodels.Exporter

CreateDefaultConfig creates the default configuration for exporter.

func (*Factory) CreateMetricsExporter

func (f *Factory) CreateMetricsExporter(_ *zap.Logger, _ configmodels.Exporter) (component.MetricsExporterOld, error)

CreateMetricsExporter creates a metrics exporter based on this config.

func (*Factory) CreateTraceExporter

func (f *Factory) CreateTraceExporter(_ *zap.Logger, config configmodels.Exporter) (component.TraceExporterOld, error)

CreateTraceExporter creates a trace exporter based on this config.

func (*Factory) Type

func (f *Factory) Type() configmodels.Type

Type gets the type of the Exporter config created by this factory.

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