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package pprofextension

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Published: Jun 16, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


Package pprofextension implements an extension that exposes the golang net/http/pprof (Performance Profiler) in a HTTP endpoint.


type Config

type Config struct {
	configmodels.ExtensionSettings `mapstructure:",squash"`

	// Endpoint is the address and port in which the pprof will be listening to.
	// Use localhost:<port> to make it available only locally, or ":<port>" to
	// make it available on all network interfaces.
	Endpoint string `mapstructure:"endpoint"`

	// Fraction of blocking events that are profiled. A value <= 0 disables
	// profiling. See for details.
	BlockProfileFraction int `mapstructure:"block_profile_fraction"`

	// Fraction of mutex contention events that are profiled. A value <= 0
	// disables profiling. See
	// for details.
	MutexProfileFraction int `mapstructure:"mutex_profile_fraction"`

	// Optional file name to save the CPU profile to. The profiling starts when the
	// Collector starts and is saved to the file when the Collector is terminated.
	SaveToFile string `mapstructure:"save_to_file"`

Config has the configuration for the extension enabling the golang net/http/pprof (Performance Profiler) extension.

type Factory

type Factory struct {

ExtensionFactory is the factory for the extension.

func (*Factory) CreateDefaultConfig

func (f *Factory) CreateDefaultConfig() configmodels.Extension

CreateDefaultConfig creates the default configuration for the extension.

func (*Factory) CreateExtension

func (f *Factory) CreateExtension(_ context.Context, params component.ExtensionCreateParams, cfg configmodels.Extension) (component.ServiceExtension, error)

CreateExtension creates the extension based on this config.

func (*Factory) Type

func (f *Factory) Type() configmodels.Type

Type gets the type of the config created by this factory.

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