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package internaldata

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Published: Jun 16, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


func MetricDataToOC

func MetricDataToOC(md data.MetricData) []consumerdata.MetricsData

func OCSliceToMetricData

func OCSliceToMetricData(ocmds []consumerdata.MetricsData) data.MetricData

OCSliceToMetricData converts a slice of OC data format to MetricData.

func OCToMetricData

func OCToMetricData(md consumerdata.MetricsData) data.MetricData

OCToMetricData converts OC data format to MetricData.

func OCToTraceData

func OCToTraceData(td consumerdata.TraceData) pdata.Traces

OCToTraceData converts OC data format to Traces.

func ResourceSpansToOC

func ResourceSpansToOC(rs pdata.ResourceSpans) consumerdata.TraceData

func TraceDataToOC

func TraceDataToOC(td pdata.Traces) []consumerdata.TraceData
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