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const (
	LocalEndpointIPv4         = "ipv4"
	LocalEndpointIPv6         = "ipv6"
	LocalEndpointPort         = "port"
	LocalEndpointServiceName  = "serviceName"
	RemoteEndpointIPv4        = "zipkin.remoteEndpoint.ipv4"
	RemoteEndpointIPv6        = "zipkin.remoteEndpoint.ipv6"
	RemoteEndpointPort        = "zipkin.remoteEndpoint.port"
	RemoteEndpointServiceName = "zipkin.remoteEndpoint.serviceName"
	StartTimeAbsent           = "otel.zipkin.absentField.startTime"

These constants are the attribute keys used when translating from zipkin format to the internal collector data format.

func OCSpanProtoToZipkin

func OCSpanProtoToZipkin(
	node *commonpb.Node,
	resource *resourcepb.Resource,
	s *tracepb.Span,
	defaultServiceName string,
) (*zipkinmodel.SpanModel, error)

func SetTimestampsIfUnset

func SetTimestampsIfUnset(span *tracepb.Span)

func V1JSONBatchToOCProto

func V1JSONBatchToOCProto(blob []byte) ([]consumerdata.TraceData, error)

V1JSONBatchToOCProto converts a JSON blob with a list of Zipkin v1 spans to OC Proto.

func V1ThriftBatchToOCProto

func V1ThriftBatchToOCProto(zSpans []*zipkincore.Span) ([]consumerdata.TraceData, error)

V1ThriftBatchToOCProto converts Zipkin v1 spans to OC Proto.

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