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Published: Jul 1, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


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func InternalTracesToJaegerProto

func InternalTracesToJaegerProto(td pdata.Traces) ([]*model.Batch, error)

InternalTracesToJaegerProto translates internal trace data into the Jaeger Proto for GRPC. Returns slice of translated Jaeger batches and error if translation failed.

func ProtoBatchToInternalTraces

func ProtoBatchToInternalTraces(batch model.Batch) pdata.Traces

ProtoBatchToInternalTraces converts Jeager proto batch to internal traces

func ProtoBatchesToInternalTraces

func ProtoBatchesToInternalTraces(batches []*model.Batch) pdata.Traces

ProtoBatchesToInternalTraces converts multiple Jaeger proto batches to internal traces

func ThriftBatchToInternalTraces

func ThriftBatchToInternalTraces(batch *jaeger.Batch) pdata.Traces

func ThriftBatchToOCProto

func ThriftBatchToOCProto(jbatch *jaeger.Batch) (consumerdata.TraceData, error)

ThriftBatchToOCProto converts a single Jaeger Thrift batch of spans to a OC proto batch.

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