Package gin provides functions to trace the gin-gonic/gin package (

    Currently there are two ways the code can be instrumented. One is instrumenting the routing of a received message (the Middleware function) and instrumenting the response generation through template evaluation (the HTML function).



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    func HTML

    func HTML(c *gin.Context, code int, name string, obj interface{})

      HTML will trace the rendering of the template as a child of the span in the given context. This is a replacement for gin.Context.HTML function - it invokes the original function after setting up the span.

      func Middleware

      func Middleware(service string, opts ...Option) gin.HandlerFunc

        Middleware returns middleware that will trace incoming requests. The service parameter should describe the name of the (virtual) server handling the request.


        type Config

        type Config struct {
        	Tracer      oteltrace.Tracer
        	Propagators otelpropagation.Propagators

        type Option

        type Option func(*Config)

          Option specifies instrumentation configuration options.

          func WithPropagators

          func WithPropagators(propagators otelpropagation.Propagators) Option

            WithPropagators specifies propagators to use for extracting information from the HTTP requests. If none are specified, global ones will be used.

            func WithTracer

            func WithTracer(tracer oteltrace.Tracer) Option

              WithTracer specifies a tracer to use for creating spans. If none is specified, a tracer named "" from the global provider is used.


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