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Published: Sep 12, 2023 License: Apache-2.0


OpenCensus binary propagation example

The server uses OpenTelemetry with the OpenCensus binary propagation format. The client uses OpenCensus, which is hard-coded to use the OpenCensus binary propagation format. Since the client and server use the same propagation format, the ParentSpanID from the server spans should match the SpanID from the client spans, and both should share the same TraceID.


First, start the opentelemetry server:

go run opentelemetry_server/server.go

In another shell, start the OpenCensus client:

go run opencensus_client/client.go
Example Client Output
Configuring OpenCensus, and registering the Print exporter.

TraceID:      9d59b1bdbde34cdaac6cfb5b8f3c4685
SpanID:       07733a2559ef492d
Greeting: Hello world

Note that there is no ParentSpanID listed in the client.

Example Server Output
Registering opentelemetry stdout exporter.
Starting the GRPC server, and using the OpenCensus binary propagation format.
		"SpanContext": {
			"TraceID": "9d59b1bdbde34cdaac6cfb5b8f3c4685",
			"SpanID": "94738571415fdb63",
			"TraceFlags": 1
		"ParentSpanID": "07733a2559ef492d",

The TraceID matches the TraceID from the OpenCensus client span, and the ParentSpanID matches the SpanID of the OpenCensus client span.


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