Zipkin Exporter Example

Send an example span to a Zipkin service. These instructions expect you have docker-compose installed.

Bring up the zipkin-collector service and example zipkin-client service to send an example trace:

docker-compose up --detach zipkin-collector zipkin-client

The zipkin-client service sends just one trace and exits. Retrieve the traceId generated by the zipkin-client service; should be the last line in the logs:

docker-compose logs --tail=1 zipkin-client

With the traceId you can view the trace from the zipkin-collector service UI hosted on port 9411, e.g. with traceId of f5695ba3b2ed00ea583fa4fa0badbeef: http://localhost:9411/zipkin/traces/f5695ba3b2ed00ea583fa4fa0badbeef

Shut down the services when you are finished with the example:

docker-compose down
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    Command zipkin is an example program that creates spans and uploads to openzipkin collector.

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