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type CheckpointSet

type CheckpointSet struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewCheckpointSet

func NewCheckpointSet() *CheckpointSet

NewCheckpointSet returns a test CheckpointSet that new records could be added. Records are grouped by their encoded labels.

func (*CheckpointSet) Add

func (p *CheckpointSet) Add(desc *metric.Descriptor, newAgg export.Aggregator, labels ...core.KeyValue) (agg export.Aggregator, added bool)

Add a new descriptor to a Checkpoint.

If there is an existing record with the same descriptor and labels, the stored aggregator will be returned and should be merged.

func (*CheckpointSet) AddCounter

func (p *CheckpointSet) AddCounter(desc *metric.Descriptor, v float64, labels ...core.KeyValue)

func (*CheckpointSet) AddHistogramMeasure added in v0.4.3

func (p *CheckpointSet) AddHistogramMeasure(desc *metric.Descriptor, boundaries []core.Number, v float64, labels ...core.KeyValue)

func (*CheckpointSet) AddLastValue added in v0.3.0

func (p *CheckpointSet) AddLastValue(desc *metric.Descriptor, v float64, labels ...core.KeyValue)

func (*CheckpointSet) AddMeasure

func (p *CheckpointSet) AddMeasure(desc *metric.Descriptor, v float64, labels ...core.KeyValue)

func (*CheckpointSet) ForEach

func (p *CheckpointSet) ForEach(f func(export.Record) error) error

func (*CheckpointSet) Reset

func (p *CheckpointSet) Reset()

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