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func NewHandler

func NewHandler(
	stateDecoder oidc.Decoder,
	cookieDecoder oidc.Decoder,
	getHandler HandlerFunc,
	postHandler HandlerFunc,
) http.Handler

NewHandler returns a http.Handler that serves the login endpoint for IDPs that don't have their own web UI for login.

This handler takes care of the shared concerns between the GET and POST methods of the login endpoint: checking the method, checking the CSRF cookie, decoding the state param, and adding security headers. Then it defers the rest of the handling to the passed in handler functions for GET and POST requests. Note that CSRF protection isn't needed on GET requests, but it doesn't hurt. Putting it here keeps the implementations and tests of HandlerFunc simpler since they won't need to deal with any decoders. Users should always initially get redirected to this page from the authorization endpoint, and never need to navigate directly to this page in their browser without going through the authorization endpoint first. Once their browser has landed on this page, it should be okay for the user to refresh the browser.

func RedirectToLoginPage

func RedirectToLoginPage(
	r *http.Request,
	w http.ResponseWriter,
	downstreamIssuer string,
	encodedStateParamValue string,
	errToDisplay ErrorParamValue,
) error

RedirectToLoginPage redirects to the GET /login page of the specified issuer. The specified issuer should never end with a "/", which is validated by provider.FederationDomainIssuer when the issuer string comes from that type.


type ErrorParamValue

type ErrorParamValue string
const (
	ShowNoError        ErrorParamValue = ""
	ShowInternalError  ErrorParamValue = "internal_error"
	ShowBadUserPassErr ErrorParamValue = "login_error"

type HandlerFunc

type HandlerFunc func(
	w http.ResponseWriter,
	r *http.Request,
	encodedState string,
	decodedState *oidc.UpstreamStateParamData,
) error

HandlerFunc is a function that can handle either a GET or POST request for the login endpoint.

func NewGetHandler

func NewGetHandler(loginPath string) HandlerFunc

func NewPostHandler

func NewPostHandler(issuerURL string, upstreamIDPs oidc.UpstreamIdentityProvidersLister, oauthHelper fosite.OAuth2Provider) HandlerFunc


Path Synopsis
Package loginhtml defines HTML templates used by the Supervisor.
Package loginhtml defines HTML templates used by the Supervisor.

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